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Tucson Greyhounds: The Reason for this Blog 2011/10/20

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Lizzie and her greyhounds

Lizzie and her greyhounds

Here’s Lizzie Mead, 3 years after the hit-and-run accident which left her with a $14,300 vet bill.

This humble blog written by Karyn Zoldan helped to generate buzz about Lizzie’s accident. Donations from far and wide, insurance money, and the sale of bracelets made with donated beads paid off the the vet bill as well as the on the ground footwork and creativity of  greyhound friends — Michelle Caillet, Angy Shearer, Glenda Taylor, Cynthia David, and Loren Dawn.

Then Lizzie wanted to give back and the rest is history.

Now known as Beading Divas to the Rescue, the original seven women, along with a cast of many who donate beads and make bracelets, have  helped to benefit numerous animal charities.

You can read about Lizzie’s accident here.

You can read about our donation history here.

Since we’re all greyhound adopters, October is Arizona Greyhound Rescue month.  Arizona Greyhound Rescue finds forever homes for retired race dogs from Tucson, other states where dog racing still exists too, breeding farms and the occasional greyhound mix or dog in need.

You can buy bracelets at:

Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., in the 4th Avenue shopping district, 520-624-9954

Sissy’s Pet Grooming Salon, 7350 N. La Cholla Blvd (@ Ina/Albertsons Shopping Center), 520-229-9898

Bracelets cost $20 and the entire $20 goes directly to the greyhounds.

Please pay by check payable to AGR or cash only.

If not in Tucson, you can still buy bracelets online via Etsy (add $4 for S&H)

(Photo is courtesy of David Grasse – This is Lizzie Mead with (left to right) Rider (spleen was removed needed 300+ stitches, Opal (eye popped out/put back in), and  Bird, a new addition.)

Tucson greyhound: Rider weathers another storm-heart arrythmia 2010/04/30

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What a handsome greyhound!

As you may recall this blog started as a way to pay the $14,300 vet bills after Lizzie Mead’s hit and run accident in October 2008. Rider had his spleen removed and sewn back up with 400 stitches and Opal’s eye popped out but was put back in. Very dramatic!

Here’s an update of what’s going on NOW at the Lizzie Mead household now…written by Diva Lizzie

Rider seemingly has weathered this storm the way he survives everything this existence has thrown at him…in the most frightening and expensive way possible! I was very scared that “this was it” because they were careful to not paint me too pretty a picture because matters of the heart muscle are serious business.

The risk of sudden death has passed (PHEW) He is off his meds-in a good way 🙂 His heart is functioning perfectly, and the arrhythmia is not present anymore. I have a stethoscope that I listen to his heart with three times a day and take his heart rate, it has been perfect each time. After multiple echo-cardiograms he has proven to be “My strong, sweet, handsome guy” and gotten thru yet *another* life threatening episode with grace and dignity. All the vets and techs love him, and say he “really is the best dog, such a easygoing guy”.

The ladies (Opal and Mizz Bird) have been very magnanimous with their brother, and are calm around him still. This is a good development for Mizz Bird, who’s greatly improved by the introduction of some calm! She is doing her spinning outdoors, and sleeping the whole night thru on my feet. Her red devil ball is a constant companion, second choice is the plush Easter bunny that I got for cheap after the holiday had passed. Her adoption papers have been sent in-so it becomes truly official…I am a three grey girl.

I love Bird, more every day.

That girl is so happy in my house, she is a joy to me-and apparently for no one else…Well, she gives ya a few days-then she lives up to her middle name which is “Hell-raiser”. All the dogs have middle names actually. “Rider Kabarkus D.O.G” aka the “Infamous D.O.G.” aka “Bubba”, Opal Didymus, and “Mizz Bird Hell-raiser Mead”. Rider gets a new nickname for every crisis 🙂

Opal continues to revel in her occupation as “Fun Police/Hall Monitor” of the household. If any animal is having too much fun, or is being too loud-she gives em a talking to and they knock it off. The cat (Orion) was rather surprised to be scolded, and gave her a talking to right back the other day…more of a hiss and some frantic-claws action. Opal is not dissuaded from her calling by protestations of the feline.

(photo courtesy of David Grasse)

Tucson Greyhounds Accident – 1 year anniversary 2009/10/20

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Rider & Opal, happy & well

Rider & Opal, happy & well



Last year – October 20, 2008 was that horrible day when Lizzie Mead and her two greyhounds Opal & Rider almost became a statistic in a 5-car hit-and-run accident.

This blog was started as a way to help Lizzie pay the horrendous $14,300 vet bill incurred by Opal and Rider.

Lizzie had physical therapy and the dogs recovered just fine.

It was a miracle of miracles.

Beading divas to the rescue helped Lizzie raise $11,300 by telling her story, asking for donations, receiving media coverage, and selling bracelets (her insurance kicked in and she paid $3,000).

The beading divas — Angy, Cynthia, Glenda, Karyn (I’m the wordsmith), Lizzie, Loren, and Michelle have stayed together, bonded, beaded, and sold around 400-450 bracelets  to give back and raise funds for greyhounds and other animal groups in need.

Read the story and donation history.

Thanks to all for your support. Buy a bracelet. Hug your hound or cat or whoever in life is precious to you.

Article: Tucson Greyhounds Need Your Help 2009/02/12

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Thank you to writer Heidi Wiesenfelder from the Examiner.com for this very newsy article.

Beads, Beads, Beads and Tucson Greyhounds 2009/01/30

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What do beads have to do with Tucson greyhounds?

Well, adopted greyhounds Opal and Rider suffered $14,000 worth of life-saving vet bills after a hit-and-run accident, and some fellow greyhound adopters and friends of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mead are making one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets to raise funds to pay off the vet bill.

So far we have sold over 50 bracelets ($20/each) made from donated beads.

We know you’re out there with some unused beads tucked away in your drawers and closets.   It’s the cusp of the Tucson Gem Show and as you buy new baubles and beads, please consider filtering some of your old beads in our direction. Our bead coffers are getting low. We also accept memory wire for bracelets and animal fobs.

View bracelets for sale online.

Contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com to arrange pick up (in Tucson area).

You can read more about the hit-and-run accident here.

Read three news articles written about the accident.

Etsy Raises Money for Greyhounds’ Injuries 2009/01/26

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Thanks to the kindness of strangers, Shop Molly B, is offering for sale a beautiful denim tote bag appliqued with a greyhound.

THIS ITEM SOLD FOR $53.20. If you would like to sell an item or items to benefit Opal and Rider’s vet bills, please contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com and we’ll post it on the blog.

The sale of this greyhound tote bag will go toward paying Opal and Rider’s enormous vet bills from the hit and run accident.

Thank you Molly!

Greyhound in ICU 2008/12/17

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His perfect little face was untouched

Originally uploaded by lacefullone

Here’s Rider at Tucson Pima Pet Clinic after the hit-and-run accident.

His spleen was removed and he had over 800 stitches.

Lizzie went to visit him every day and brought him home-cooked food. What’s a greyhound “mommy” to do? That probably was the best medicine for him.

Even with all his damages, his perfect little face was untouched.

Read about the accident.

Tucson: Hit and Run Accident, Greyhounds, and Miracles 2008/11/13

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On October 20, 2008, on a morning after errands, a ride to the dog park turned into a nightmare for Lizzie Mead and her two rescued greyhounds, Rider and Opal.

At the Midtown intersection of Speedway and Alvernon Way, a SUV traveling 60 to 70 miles per hour, crashed into the camper shell of Lizzie’s truck. The driver of the SUV drove into the gas station at the SE corner and took off running on foot.

Meanwhile people rushed to Lizzie’s vehicle and called 911. A dazed and bloodied Lizzie hobbled out of the vehicle to the back of her truck to see how the greyhounds were. What she saw made her scream just as the ambulance pulled up.

On impact the camper shell popped open and the dogs jumped over the metal debris and destruction and ran away. She begged the gathering crowd to go search for her dogs as she was taken away in an ambulance. An angel named Lindsey promised Lizzie that she wouldn’t leave until she knew the dogs were at the vet.

Rider ran to Metro Auto Center on the northeast corner of Speedway and Alvernon. The employees put him in an enclosure while they tried to figure out what to do with him. Rider was in very bad shape. The owner of a recycling venue next to the Auto Center saw Rider and immediately drove him to Pima Pet Clinic where he was checked in at 11 a.m. less than 30 minutes after the accident. That was miracle #1.

Opal ran further and her paws were badly damaged. Connie R. found Opal near Country Club and 5th Street, a good distance from the accident. Opal was still wearing her Arizona Greyhound Rescue tag. Connie called AGR who requested that she take the hound to Pima Pet Clinic. Opal checked in at 11:30 a.m. That was miracle #2.

Pima Pet Clinic tried to call Lizzie but she was in the ambulance. At the hospital where Lizzie was treated for leg lacerations and had an x-ray, she checked her phone messages to learn that her dogs were at Pima Pet Clinic. Leaving the hospital she went to the Clinic to sign off on their care.

Rider was bleeding internally and was given two bags of blood. Rider had a 40 percent chance of surviving the surgery. A team of three veterinarian surgeons lead by Dr. Knight worked to save him. His spleen was removed and he suffered numerous lacerations and stitches. If he did survive, he had a chance to be a normal 5-year-old dog again. That was important to Lizzie because she wanted Rider to have the quality of life worthy of a 5-year-old retired racing greyhound.

4-year-old Opal’s eye popped out but the veterinarian team felt they could save her eye. Opal went home to recover with her eye intact on October 23. Her paws are healing. That was miracle #3.

Rider went home after six days in doggy ICU. That was miracle #4.

Lizzie has headaches and messed up her elbow, neck, knee, and ankle. She has stitches on her ankle. Her elbow may have a pinched nerve or a bone chip. Her knee makes a popping sound and she will most likely have physical therapy. Her injuries should be covered by insurance. She was lucky; that was miracle #5.

So far the veterinarian bill has been $13,962.01 but there have been follow up visits not yet added to this amount.

Money. Money. Money. Money.

But the opportunity to have her greyhounds — who are her fur kids, back home again and recuperating is…priceless.

The accident was a tragedy. It could happen to anybody. The fact that no two-legged or four-legged creatures were permanently injured is — a miracle.

Can you help turn this tragedy into triumph?

Animal lovers and people who treat their companion animals like family members will understand why she opted to save the lives of her retired racing greyhounds who have survived the obstacles of their racing lives and were just beginning to enjoy being couch potatoes.

How can you help?

Please consider making a donation using PayPal. No donation is too small; all will be gratefully received. Donations are not tax-deductible. (Donations will say Elizabeth Mead.)

Or go into any Compass Bank and make a write a check to “ELIZABETH MEAD/THE MEAD ACCIDENT DONATION FUND” (It must say Elizabeth Mead.)

If you are not near a Compass Bank, send a check to Compass Bank, 7880 E. Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85710 – designating (ELIZABETH MEAD/“The Mead Accident Donation Fund”.

Lizzie owns Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts at 330 N. 4th Avenue and is part of the 4th Avenue Merchants Association. She recently moved her store to that location from downtown. She is a very small business owner with insurmountable veterinarian bills.

Thank you

Friends of Lizzie Mead – Angy, Cynthia, Glenda, Karyn, and Michelle

Rider, Greyhound, in doggie ICU 2008/11/11

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Rider in doggie ICU

Originally uploaded by lacefullone

Rider spent six days in ICU. He had his spleen removed and had multiple stitches.

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