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Tucson CARES bracelet fundraiser continues 2015/04/27

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Tucson Cares adoptable cat

Sadie says: Adopt Me!

Here’s what one Tucson rescue is willing to do to save a cat…

The bracelets are also available at Benarda Veterinary Hospital during regular business hours during April.

Tucson CARES Director was at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for a meeting regarding a forthcoming event and swung by intake to drop off some paperwork just as a family brought in a neighborhood stray with newborn kittens.

HSSA recommended “euthanasia” on this young momma who had signs of pyometra (infected uterus) or dystocia (undelivered kitten/s) and offered a bottle feeding foster for the kittens.

The treatment for either of these conditions is a spay and antibiotic therapy. Late in the day the only vets available to us were emergency clinics with the lowest estimate being $1,200 for the spay and overnight hospitalization, so she was transported on the spot to a more affordable vet in Nogales who met us after hours to perform emergency surgery.
She was hospitalized on IV fluids and injectable antibiotics for septicemia and is now doing fabulously.

Sadie is a loving, bright vocal cat with incredible markings. She gets along well with other cats and seems to be in joyful shock that she is actually in a home. She is available for foster or adoption. Contact us at info@tucsoncares.org or 520-990-8912.

Beading Divas fundraiser

Adopt me!

Last few days to buy one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets to benefit Tucson CARES . If you don’t want more bling, consider donating directly. You can buy bracelets online too.

Tucson CARES, Beading Divas Bracelets Fundraising Recipient 2015/04/01

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Tucson CARES saves cat

Emma – before surgery

Beading Divas to the Rescue is excited to be fund-raising for Tucson CARES during the month of April 2015.

Upon Pima Animal Care Center’s truck pulling right onto PACC’s property, Emma the cat was removed by Jessica S., Tucson CARES’ director who happened to be on the premises after hours.

Jessica immediately took Emma home, gave the cat pain meds, fluids and offer watered down baby food.

The following morning — without any notice– her vet executed a remarkable reconstruction after performing a mandibulectomy because the lower jaw was fully split and damaged too badly for repair. Emma the cat also received an esophageal feeding tube to support her during recovery.

Tucson CARES for cats

Emma – ready for adoption

Because of the intensity and concentration of her injury, the vet thought that Emma may have been kicked.

This amazing cat is currently in foster care; she is fully healed and available for adoption. The only special need she has from her injury is when she needs future dental care, as all pets do, although she has very few teeth left, the veterinarian must be mindful that what remains of her lower jaw cannot handle much pressure.

This youngster gets along well with other cats and dogs, tumbles around like a kitten, loves sunbathing in a windowsill, chirping at the birds and adores eye contact and abundant affection from her human, yet she is still very independent.

Contact Tucson CARES at 520-990-8912 or info@tucsoncares.org to learn more about Emma or come visit her at the Adopt Love Adopt Local mega adoption event on April 11 if she’s not adopted by that time. Tucson CARES will also have an amazing selection of handmade, one-of-a-kind Beading Diva bracelets at the mega adoption event AND at Kismet, the eclectic green boutique 2626 E. Broadway Blvd., call to make sure the store is open – 207-9994.

Beading Divas bracelets

Adopt me!

The following local venues sell bracelets:
–-Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954
–-Clues Unlimited Mystery Book Store, 3146 E. Fort. Lowell Road (SE corner Country Club), 326-8533 (closed Sun/Mon)
–-A K Jensen Apparel, (St. Philips Plaza), 4340 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 72, 529-2775
–-Sissy’s Pet Salon, 7350 N La Cholla Blvd (by Albertsons), 229-9898 (limited selection)

You can also find a large selection online (add S&H) on our Etsy site.

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