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Tucson: Buy bracelets to save greyhounds 2009/06/27

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Buy bracelets to save injured greyhounds from the Tucson dog track that otherwise might be euthanized .Coco4

Coco fell while being schooled for greyhound racing at 18 months. She broke her pelvis on both sides. The vet gave her a 50/50 chance to walk again. Greyhounds2Go decided to give her the chance to heal.

Coco had to be helped outside to go to the bathroom. A month later the pelvis is still broken but Coco is healing slowly. She still needs more healing time before being spayed. Coco has received physical therapy and pain meds. Two months later Coco continues to improve and is gaining weight and getting her strength back. When she is well enough she will be spayed.

Buy a bracelet or donate directly to Greyhounds2Go. Thank you

Greyhound Humor: Drama Queen Ups and Downs 2009/06/27

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Drama Queen loves to accessorize

Drama Queen loves to accessorize

Aye yii yii

What a few weeks I’ve had.

First, I was a bad girl. I ate the tongue of mama Karyn’s shoes. They were the stinky shoes. I chewed and chewed the tongue. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because they smelled like a stinky mama Karyn.

Then I threw up yellow bile off and on for several days.  Mama Karyn kept finding pieces of the chewed up shoe tongue and threw them in the waste basket and I went into the wastebacket and chewed more. 

I drove Mama Karyn nuts!

Then I had some leg problems. I am suffering from spinal stenosis. My back legs shake and splay.

One day I was in my favorite spot in the cubby between Karyn’s bathroom and her office. I couldn’t get up. My leg slid under the closet door and I was stuck. I cried out and Karyn came running. She had to climb into the cubby (she was saying too many bad words) and lift me up. She tried to put a towel underneath me and as she lifted me up, I was screaming. When I finally got up I was fine.

Now she blocked off the cubby so I cannot lie there.

The next day I couldn’t get off the cool bedroom floor. Again my back legs were shaking. She helped me up again. My back legs splayed.

By then she was a nervous wreck.

She took me for my monthly acupuncture and cold laser therapy treatment and I feel fine now.

I have searched all over for more shoe tongues but found none.

One day I was sitting on my dog bed in the bedroom and I found Karyn’s pretty beaded sandals. If she didn’t leave her shoes in the middle of the room and instead put them in closet like a neatnik, these things wouldn’t happen.  Anyway, I was holding her shoes between my paws marveling at how pretty they were and wondering if the beads tasted good when I was BUSTED.

She came into the bedroom and found me. She said, “OH MY DOG. What are you doing? You are a bad, bad, bad girl!”

Then she grabbed the sandal away from me and put them away.  

I just gave her a dumb look.

Love ya, mean it

Lily, the greyhound drama queen

Greyhound First day Foster story- BlackBird, Fly 2009/06/16

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Dear greyhound compadres,

I was resting at the kennel in my condo-

when a surprise walked in…a volunteer was there at an odd time. I remember her, so I gave her “the eyes” (they love that) she had taken me for a leash walk an gave me lots of pets. She played with Amado first and put goop in his eyes so his eyes would be not so puffy. He got to go for an extra walk! Amado is loud and barky and demanding 🙂 It’s all about me with that guy- he’s hot and he knows it. Then, she *skipped*me- I’m next! She went over to my new friends Bernadette and Mazzie, they are pretty nice for newbie’s. They don’t know the routine of how things work here, so they didn’t know I got skipped. They are twins, and they are going to be all the rage I can tell. Fawn, petite, and pretty- they are sure to turn some heads. They got walked and pets and then the lady came back to me!!!Phew, I thought I was skipped for good.

I got a walk and played with a squeakie and then got a treat! I was being led back in I thought, when we took a detour…A bucket, a hose, and smelly oatmeal stickiness awaited me. A bath!?! I don’t need a bath!!! But the lady said I was a Dirty Birdie and I had to smell nicer so my new friends wouldn’t snub me. New friends? More new kennel mates?

Then, she puts a shiny martingale on me and takes me to her van-whoa. Wait a minute. I’m not getting in there. Uh, uh.  So then *she* gets in the van, so I figure it’s okay to get in a little bit- not all the way. Front paws only! All of a sudden my butt is being hoisted into the van. Hey! That’s *my* butt. And then we’re on an adventure: a car ride to who-knows-where. I’m excited, though. Is this where the other kennel dogs went? Will there be other greyhounds? Will there be food? Will there be BEDS?!? I have heard the legends of beds. If I’m going back to the track, I am going to be so pissed.

I dig myself a nest in the van and just as I get settled in, we pull into a driveway and go for *another* walk. (She later tells another shorter girl-person that she “walked the pee out of her” Rude. I didn’t know that’s what that was all about. I just thought she liked me)Then 2 other greyhounds come out with fancy leashes and collars and surround me and sniff me all over, the girl is pushy I’ll have to be careful with that one. The boy is fawn and gentle with me, he is a pushover I can tell. Rider and Opal are my new kennelmates except the kennel is HUGE!  No bars, and there are beds everywhere! I don’t want to screw this up, I’m going to be really careful about what I do. I want permission to do anything. I know about beds now, and water dishes, and doggie doors, and “no, leave it” to little fuzzy things. Cats, they live here too apparently, who would ever think to put those inside?  I can go to the turnout pen in back of the house any time I want! I can turn myself out anytime I like, Which is a lot. I like turnout time. So I turned myself out thru the doggie door at least 20 times. Then got pets till I fell asleep exhausted on the bed that Opal doesn’t own. Well she thinks she owns *all*of them…

I could stay here for awhile, the food is good.

-Love Birdie, Birdie-Bird, Blackbird, The big Bird, or just Bird

Drama Queen Greyhound Chews a Shoe 2009/06/14

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I have been naughty.  Once again I chewed Mama Karyn’s shoes. These are the same shoes I chewed before (see below) like last year. This time I only chewed one shoe so she no longer has a matched set of two chewed shoes. Last year she got them repaired.

I think Mama Karyn likes her Keen shoes more than me.

Those shoes are ugly. If I could wear shoes, mine would be bright red and strappy with sequins. Karyn wears these ugly black and brown shoes and they STINK. I mean it. They stink so badly that she doesn’t put them in the bedroom and the insides are all ripped up. For whatever reason, she loves those shoes. She says they are comfortable.

And if they smell bad to her, can you imagine what they smell like to me?

Anyway, yesterday Karyn was in and out all day and then she left. After I eat my dinner, I expect to play the Find the Cookie game but she just left. That did not sit well with me. She left me a treat but I went from room to room looking for cookies and there were none.

But I found her shoe and I had my way with it. So there.

Many hours later she came back and found the shoe on my dog bed. Karyn just burst out crying. Sometimes I feel sad when I make her cry but not tonight.

She looked at the ripped up shoe and the other shoe and just shook her head. Then she shut off the lights and went to bed.

I think she forgot about it today…maybe. The whole problem would be solved if she put her shoes in the closet like a normal human being.

Ta Ta, Lily, the Drama Queen

Drama Queen Speaks: I’m a gas, gas, gas (previous shoe chewing blog post)

originally posted elsewhere-Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Yo bi-at-ches

I have been a very bad girl lately. I’m 10 1/2 and still chew lots of stuff.

This past week I was very bad. Here’s the story.

One night Mama Karyn left. She has been gone a lot lately. Mama Karyn is a SLOB. Don’t tell her I said that because she is closet slob.

She left her shoes in the middle of the living room floor. I have not chewed shoes for years but I was angry so I chewed them. They were her Keen’s. She loves her Keen’s. They are old and smelly but she wears them every day and brags that they are supposed to last forever.

I guess they could last forever if I didn’t chew them.

Hours later she returned and found one shoe on my bed in her office. She started to SCREAM: “YOU CHEWED MY SHOES?” I wagged my tail. She started looking for the other shoe but got distracted.

Later she remembered and went on a shoe hunt and found the other shoe in my bed in the blue room. Again she started to SCREAM: “YOU CHEWED MY FAVORITE SHOES!”

She looked at them closely and thought maybe they were saveable. Then she started to cry. I felt bad and went up to her, nudging with my nose like I also do, and she looked con-flict-ed. She did not pet me…but later she did.

The next day there was a lost greyhound and she left again.

When she came back she was carrying some groceries and started putting them away when the phone rang. There had been a sighting of the lost dog so out she goes without a goodbye.

Then she came back and got busy and left yet again to go to the gym. When she returned, she fed me. With all this coming and going, I felt like a second-class citizen.

I heard her in the kitchen talking to herself saying, “What the hell happened to my salmon burgers?” She looked at her receipt and got charged for the salmon burgers.

Then she gave me the evil eye and marched into the blue room. I left evidence. On the bed was part of the sty-ro-foam tray.

Of course, I had the dreaded big-D in the middle of the night and then on my walk the next day both morning and night.

Mama Karyn also tells me that I’m a stinky girl (that’s good, right?) She doesn’t sound angry when she says so. She said I have the worst gas, gas, gas.

Confidentially, the salmon burgers were yummy but they smell better when she cooks them but that sty-ro-foam didn’t taste so good; I didn’t eat too much of that.

Love you, mean it

Lily, the Drama Queen

Tucson: Dog Wash Fundraiser 2009/06/10

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Calling all breeds of dirty dogs who want to cool off and be cleaned up for a good cause.

Arizona Greyhound Rescue hosts an all breed dog wash on Sunday, June 14 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the driveway of Pantano Animal Clinic, located at 8333 E. 22nd St., 1 block east of Sarnoff.

C’mon down!  No appointment necessary. Dog wash costs $10, nail trim $10 or $15 for both. Such a deal!

Arizona Greyhound Rescue located in Tucson/Marana takes retired racing greyhounds from the dog track, gets the dogs spayed/neutered and other medical attention, places them into foster homes so they can learn the ropes of home life, and then sends them to forever homes.

Here’s an article about last year’s dog wash.

Online Auction for Tucson Greyhound Rescue 2009/06/02

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Arizona Greyhound Rescue (AGR) located in Tucson is having an online auction to raise funds to continue their programs.

The vet bill alone is $63,000!

The online auction has cool items for people and their dogs. You will find many of our one-of-a-kind bracelets in the auction. Check it out!

AGR receives retired racing greyhounds from Tucson Greyhound Park, Phoenix Greyhound Park, Caliente Race Track in Tijuana, and a Kansas breeding farm.

Thanks to Carpe Canem for hosting the auction.

Learn more about Arizona Greyhound Rescue.

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