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In memory of Harmony, 12 yr old Tucson greyhound 2013/12/08

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Happy Harmony

Happy Harmony

The following was penned by Cynthia David, Beading Diva.

I first met Harmony shortly after she arrived at the kennel. She came up to me in her kennel and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen. She pulled her flews away from her teeth, chopped at the air, bobbed her head up and down, and did a happy dance. This routine always made me laugh, and she used it to get treats, meals, or to convince me it was time for a walk.

Her group of greys were all named for characters on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” I never saw the show but Harmony was a perfect name for her. Harmie was the sweetest grey I have ever met, she really had no interest in smaller creatures, her main goal in life was to be adored by humans.

Her second foster family was a young couple who lived nearby. They asked if I would take her for a long weekend when they were going out of town. I agreed and she got on famously with fellow greys, Mikey and Jan.

A couple of months later the couple asked me if I could take care of her for 2 weeks while they went to Thailand. Annie, her foster mom, said that on the drive over when she got near my house Harm became very excited, how charming is that?

The love of a greyhound

The love of a greyhound

Needless to say Harmony never went back to her foster home, her home was with me and the boys, and later, my husband Wayde. We shared our lives together for 9 years.

Harmony, Harmie, Harm-son, Harmel, Harmy Harm, Harmonium, Miss Choppy Chop (Michelle and Brian Caillet’s name for her) was a very special girl and all who knew her are saddened by her passing.

Run Free Annie, Tucson Greyhound, Happy Hound 2013/09/01

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Diva Annie

Diva Annie

Annie was part of the Beading Divas’ extended family.

(written by Jerry Tucker)

Annie…. crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 22nd, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

Little Annie (the bananie) brought us great joy and taught us so much during her short 8 years with us.

She had to leave us on August 22nd after an unexpected, major surgery and kidney failure at 10 years of age.

Annie was a very special part of our family. She will never be gone from our memories. The love and good times we shared will always be in our hearts.

She came to us October 19, 2005. We met her at the kennel where she had recently arrived from the track. It was instant love with her bouncy, happy, enthusiasm. When we got her home we began to find that she had some fears probably caused by the treatment at the track.

In addition to a general caution of people, she had a fear of the dark. When night came, she would to into her kennel and not come out until daylight. After weeks of working with her, she finally would go out before going to bed for the night…but was frightened of the moon. A few more weeks and she became more trusting …but forever checked the sky when we walked.

Annie was the fastest, most beautiful runner of all our past greyhounds. She loved to run… in the house, in a fence yard—any place. Her favorite antic was to run at full speed toward me and make a quick head fake and turn from a imminent collision at the last minute passing by with a smile on her face.

Annie was also the smartest greyhound we ever had…she NEVER forgot anything or anyone. Something frightened her— never do that again. Someone not kind— avoid. Something not taste right—don’t eat that again. Something causes her pain or discomfort—avoid that situation.

Although shy, she would cautiously warm up to people and other dogs. However, her favorite “dogs friends” were greyt “brother” Mahalo (who misses her very much) and Opa (Greyt Escape).

She loved going to Greyt Escape where she was free to play with Opa, Riley and the others. Happiness, joy and enthusiasm were always in her heart.

Of course, Kathy and I… miss her greatly, but know she has joined Baxter, Bessie and Zoola in that great place where loved ones go when they leave us.


Annie was often at the Beading “bees” which are held at Greyt Escape. She was just the sweetest girl gently nudging for pets. We will miss this dark brindle beauty’s gentle presence.

Was Annie a Diva or just channeling Carol Channing?

R.I.P. Virginia, Tucson Greyhound, Beloved Pet 2013/09/01

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Beloved Virginia

Beloved Virginia

Virginia was part of the Beading Divas’ extended family. She left planet earth at the ripe old age of 14 1/2

(written by Genie Galina)

The first morning after Virginia spent a terrified first night with us, I walked into the kitchen and she had accidentally put her head in a large, empty cereal container left on the counter for recycling.

She looked hysterically funny, and I think she was in shock. She was still terrified of us so she tried to get away from me, knocking into walls, until I caught up with her and removed the box.

I think that was the first time she truly looked into my eyes (and soul) and I could really see her beauty. Although she remained terrified for a while, that was the day that she and I bonded.


Virginia lived with Wolfe who went to the Rainbow Bridge. Then Wiggles came into their lives. She lived with and was loved by Genie Galina and Steve Mehlman. Black is indeed beautiful.

In Memoriam-Yuma, a Tucson Greyhound, 7/20/99 – 8/13/13 2013/09/01

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Anne Marie's heart girl

Anne Marie’s heart girl

Yuma is part of the Beading Divas’ extended family.

(written by Anne Marie King)


Jet black when she came into our lives, Yuma and I grayed together over the 9 years we were blessed to have her. She was a racing champion (unfortunately!) and so was raced until 5.

We already had a handsome black boy, Poseidon (our first greyhound), and were looking for a sister for him after having lost his cocker spaniel companion.

I vividly remember bringing Poseidon to the kennel to meet Yuma – such a beautiful, sweet, shy girl. It was love at first sight for all of us. I always wished Yuma could have told us about her life before we met her.

She never got over her skittishness around noise & commotion (of which we had plenty, being a household with 2 young children), although she slowly stopped being shy around us and other people. Yuma and Poseidon were fast friends and playmates until we lost Poseidon in 2007. Stuffies and squeakies were a favorite for both hounds.

Yuma was truly my “heart girl.” She was my sweet, loving, shadow-companion, always there to comfort me when she knew I needed it. She would come up to me, bow her head and rest the top of her head against my leg – and stay there as long as I needed to pet and cuddle her to feel better. I only hope she knows how very special and loved she is. I truly have never met a gentler, sweeter soul than our Yuma.

If only we humans could learn to be as accepting and loving as our furry friends – wouldn’t the world be that much nicer…

Run free, my beautiful girl – we miss you more than we can possibly express.

Mommy, Daddy, John, Gracie & Tara Blue

R.I.P. ICE the American Eskimo Dog, Tucson 2012/10/27

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RIP - Ice

RIP – Ice

The following was written by Glenda Taylor, greyhound adopter & original Beading Diva

My life was blessed when a dear friend asked me if I would adopt Ice. His original adopters were moving to Florida and no longer wanted a dog. From speaking with the breeder, I learned that Ice had been fed, walked and groomed, but never allowed in the home, spending all of his time, alone, in the back yard.

I had recently lost a female greyhound due to kidney disease, and my male greyhound, Happy Endings, was lonely without a dog pal. I agreed to meet Ice. When the breeder walked Ice into the room, momentarily, I stopped breathing. This beautiful white dog with a gentle spirit came right up to me, and placed his two front paws on my knees. We fell in love, instantly. He was my fur kid, he knew it, I knew it, and he came home with me that day.

A year or so later, I adopted Daisie Mae, a Golden/Chow pooch that had been rescued from an abusive home. Ice and Daisie Mate clicked immediately, and became inseparable. They were similar in size and weight, and watching them romp throughout the house, charging in and out of the doggie door, with Haps following on behind, warmed my heart. Ice was now sleeping on my bed, had companionship when I was working, and would serve as my protector when he accompanied me to work on the weekends.

When Ice was ten, I started fostering greyhounds. At 30 lbs., Ice was always a gracious host, but made it clear that, despite his size, he was the alpha in the home. None of the greyhounds I fostered every challenged his position.

Starting in the spring of 2012, Ice began to have seizures. They became progressively more aggressive. To watch my buddy claw at the air, his entire body helpless and shuddering because his neurological system was out of whack, was unbearable. I would hold him, stroke him, and talk to him, during these seizures, and I believe he heard me. When I touched him, his first reaction was to nip, but somewhere in his brain, he knew it was me, backed off and let me hold him.

I went through seizures with my first greyhound, Molly. One evening, when I saw her bounce off my couch onto the floor, I knew it was time for her to cross over, just like it was time for Ice to move on and become reacquainted with Daisie Mae.

In my opinion, true love is letting our pets go when it’s their time, not our time. Once my darling’s quality of life has deteriorated to mere existence, it’s time to let our best friends move on, regardless of how painful it is for us.

I miss my little guy so much, but I’m thankful that he and I connected and enjoyed thirteen wonderful years.

Xan, Springer Spaniel to Rainbow Bridge 2012/09/09

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Both at the Rainbow Bridge

Both at the Rainbow Bridge

Written by Jim Hoy

Yesterday our beloved Springer Spaniel, Xan, went to the Rainbow Bridge and was reunited with her adopted mother and mentor, Bryn who passed in January.

She was born Sept. 1, 1999 and passed Sept. 2, 2012. She was so tiny at 8 weeks when we brought her home, Jim could hold her in his hands.

She spent her first 5 years in Seattle and the last 8 here in Tucson. She welcomed all of the greyhounds who we have fostered and she helped to teach them house manners and how to trust and love people.

Saturday was a celebration of her birth 13 years ago, and now we are grieving our sad loss. She is survived by her greyhound, sisters Fiona and Violet, her brothers Bodhi and Conan all at home, her litter-mate brother Huck and Uncle Tom in Seattle and her cousin Zoe in Tucson. Also survived by her people family, Dale & Jim at home and Phil and Charlie in Seattle.

Xan, your passing leaves a huge hole in our hearts, and you will never be forgotten, “Ms. Wiggles.”

Tucson Greyhound: Quinn Jose – RIP 2012/09/09

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Qunn Jose

Tucson greyhound: Quinn Jose

Quinn Jose (then just Jose) was a greyhound I (Karyn) fostered several years back. He was a big black hunk of love. Had I been better off financially I probably would’ve foster failed like I did with my second greyhound Lily but I so couldn’t afford a third dog. Heck, I couldn’t even afford a second greyhound.

I wrote a personal ad for him and sent it along to the meet & greet. I don’t remember what it said but I’m sure I praised his attributes. I wanted him to get adopted ASAP because I was getting ready to go on a vacation and wanted to accomplish that before I left.

As it turns out, Cheryl Bennett was at Petsmart buying dog food and she saw Jose and his personal ad and fell in love. She found him goofy and loveable. She filled out the application. I took Jose to her house. She had about 6 or 7 dogs already. I don’t remember what they were but I do remember I think 2 Airdales, 1 Saint Bernard, 1 Scotty, and 1 Beauvier which I had never heard of. I think there was another dog but now cannot remember. Maybe there were 2 Scotties?

While at her house Jose lifted his leg on the chair. I was mortified; Cheryl and her family not so much. She introduced him to her dogs one by one. I was stressed out and overwhelmed but Jose seemed to take it in stride.

The hard part was for me to leave him there and I cried all the way home.

However, he was in the best possible home with the best possible adopter who went on to give tirelessly of herself to various greyhound and Great Dane rescue efforts.

Fortunately, I saw Quinn Jose last week and I knew he was not long for this earth as he was painfully thin and refusing to eat. He had sarcoma. I am thankful that I got to pet his bony body and whisper in his ear and say my goodbyes. Quinn Jose went to the Rainbow Bridge this past Thursday (Sept. 6). I hope he is free of pain now and running and playing with Painter and Lily and Gordon and Buddy and Slim and all the greyhounds who have gone on before him.

It is so hard to lose a pet or any dog or cat that has touched your heart.

Tucson: Gordon Greyhound to the Rainbow Bridge 2012/07/27

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Sweet Gordon Greyhound

See you at the Rainbow Bridge

From Cindy Hall:
Gordon went to the Rainbow Bridge last night. He was bitten by a rattlesnake a couple weeks ago. Evidently that may have compromised his immune system and allowed an aggressive tumor to grow in his wrist. When he stopped eating and sleeping, we knew it was time for him to go.

Gordon was simply the best dog. From the day he arrived at our home, he was well-behaved and sweet. He tolerated countless dogs coming into our home — some for a few hours to cat-test, some to foster, and a few to eventually stay and share his home. He was an ‘ambassadog’ at career days, the JCC, meet and greet events. It is hard to imagine how many lives he brightened.

He was truly loved and will be missed.
Godspeed Go Go~

I met Gordon many years ago. He went to a greyhound event and his foster parents were unable to pick him up so he came home with me for a few hours. It was a really fun few hours as he discovered every single toy and played with them with the most gusto. He tossed them in the air and caught them and shook them and piled them up, hoarding them. Meanwhile my dogs just said, “huh?”

Gordon will always have a big spot in my heart. KZ

Here’s my favorite photo of Gordon.

Gordon loved toys

Gordon loved toys

R.I.P. Callie Rose 2012/07/16

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Callie to the Rainbow Bridge

Callie to the Rainbow Bridge

My brother and sister-in-law rescued Callie from the pound in Florida. She was one day away from her demise. While the other pound dogs ran to be petted, Callie did not. She shivered in her cage.

She came home with them and for the longest time was afraid of men. Poor Callie what kind of damaged life was she subject to before that?

I was fortunate to meet Callie on my visits to Florida. We’re a dog-loving family. Callie was always a tad cautious with me but never the less I was able to take her for walks and give her cookies when others could not get near her.

When my father died and we went to Ohio, Callie came too. She was a welcome hiccup in the day to day chores of dealing with death. I still remember her racing in the snow and the look of sheer joy on her sweet face.

I would sing her the Callie song:

I love my Callie, my little Gallie. I love my Callie, my little Pallie. I love my Callie, my little Callie. Please don’t take my Callie girl away.

Callie tolerated my singing.

And like with all our beloved pets, we cannot fathom that they will leave us. Callie suffered weak rear legs, coughing, and loss of bodily functions. One of the most difficult decisions we pet owners have to make is when to put our friends down. They at least can die with dignity unlike our parents who are kept alive in negligent nursing homes.

During my May visit to Florida, I was thrilled that Callie still wanted to walk around the block and still came to me for treats.

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge dear Callie. I loved you so.

Aunt Karyn

Rainbow Bridge: KiKi – 5 year old Doberman 2012/03/30

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Please Support The Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign ~ http://www.curecaninecancer.org/

From Chuck & Mary Danielian

“We adopted Kiki from Doberman Rescue at age one. She immediately taught her two older adopted brothers the Dobie Rules – the female is the boss. She was a universal blood donor at the Collier County Emergency Pet Hospital and saved the lives of many a family pet. Her bone cancer was discovered during a routine X-ray when she started favoring her right hind leg. We had made up our minds that she had come into this world, whole, and she would pass to the Rainbow Bridge the same way. We were not going to put her through an amputation and chemo. She spent six more quality weeks with us in home hospice before we had to decide it was time. She left us at the tender age of five. She was so loved – she is so missed.”

Here’s a beautiful tribute video.

Our hearts go out to the Danielian family. It is so hard to lose a canine loved one especially at such a young age — Beading Divas to the Rescue

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