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Soul Survivors in Desert Dog News (Tucson) 2008/12/30

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Pick up the Jan/Feb issue of the Desert Dog News (Tucson’s only pet newspaper).

There’s an article and photo on page 6/7 about Lizzie and her greyhounds, Opal & Rider.

I found my free copy at OK Feed & Supply. (The article is now online.)

Coming in 2009, a list of people to thank for their kindnesses in helping to get the word out about the greyhound accident, one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets with photos and links where to buy them, and a raffle for a beautiful handmade quilt.  

For now you can purchase the bracelets at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., 624-9954. All beads and labor have been donated.

Greyhound in ICU 2008/12/17

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His perfect little face was untouched

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Here’s Rider at Tucson Pima Pet Clinic after the hit-and-run accident.

His spleen was removed and he had over 800 stitches.

Lizzie went to visit him every day and brought him home-cooked food. What’s a greyhound “mommy” to do? That probably was the best medicine for him.

Even with all his damages, his perfect little face was untouched.

Read about the accident.

Dog Pills, Dog Pills, Dog Pills 2008/12/17

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Pills Pills Pills

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This is a sampling of dog pills that Rider and Opal, injured greyhounds take to get well.

Read about the hit-and-run accident.

Lizzie Mead’s Truck after Accident-Tucson 2008/12/11

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Truck Rear

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Opal and Rider were in this truck. It’s amazing that they lived but they did — after $14,0000 in veterinarian bills.

They coontinue to get well and thrive.

A miracle

The truck has been totaled.

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