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Buy bracelets to benefit Mini Miracles of Tucson, Arizona 2010/06/30

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Beading Divas to the Rescue’s July 2010 charity is Mini Miracles, Inc. of Tucson, Ariz. All bracelet sales for the month of July benefit Mini Miracles.

mini horses build self esteem

Some miniature horses and donkeys in our community are helping in a big way.   Mini Miracles, Inc. was established in 2008 to reach out to the special-needs and at risk children in Southern Arizona through animal assisted activities with our miniature animals.

While some of what we do is considered educational, more importantly we provide an opportunity for social and emotional interaction between children and animals.

The miniature horses and donkeys come to the children. During a visit, these children learn a little bit about what it takes to care for a horse or donkey.  They touch the animals, groom them and lead them.   Mini Miracles, Inc. introduce basics for interacting with the minis which may carry over into their every day lives.  Those key basics include talking quietly, touching softly, moving slowly, and respecting personal space.  Horses and donkeys are prey animals so if they feel remotely threatened, their response is to flee.  Children learn how to interact in a non-threatening manner.

Some children are victims of domestic violence or have witnessed it in some degree.  Others have a broad range of educational, emotional, and social needs, or suffer from substance abuse issues.  They often lack the ability to see the link between their actions and consequences.  Because horses are non-judgmental and have no expectations or motives, a young person can learn about how to handle their emotions without fear of rejection.

Through the program “Mini Hoof Prints on the Heart” youth are encouraged to improve their life skills through relationships with animals that spill over into their relationships with others.  Youths who learn equine skills show better decision-making, communicating, goal-setting and problem solving as well as empathy and teamwork. The sense of pride that children feel when they reach a goal with their four-legged friends, gives them every reason to remain on course.  By providing positive feedback, building self esteem and exposing the children to healthy experiences, the cycle of violence may be broken.

In the end, it’s the joy in the faces of the children and the awareness our animals bring to light that makes a difference.

“A horse doesn’t care how much you know until he knows how much you care.”
– Pat Parelli

Mini Miracles, Inc
Empowering Children through Animal Assisted Activities

You can buy bracelets online at Lizzie Stardust via Etsy.com

Or in Tucson, check out

Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 520-624-9954

Desert Rose Homeopathics & Herbals, 2550 East Fort Lowell Road

Dirty Dawgs, 2510 North Campbell Ave, 777-6045

Tucson Greyhound Humor: Drama Queen – Bad to the Bone 2010/06/30

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Happy Birthday Lily


Yo. It’s been awhile.

Mama Karyn hogs the computer.

I’m sure you’re dying to know what The Lily has been up to.

I have been bad to the bone.

I chewed Mama Karyn’s favorite pair of faux suede flats. But I did her a favor because I chewed each shoe in the same place so now she still has a matching set. She cried.

Then I had a wonderful birthday party. Mama Karyn didn’t celebrate my 12th birthday but instead she celebrated my 12 1/2 birthday. All the Beading Divas came and then Edie and Kate. I got lots of cool presents…most of them pink. I also got some bling.

A girl can never have too much bling.

I had my very own cupcake too!

Then I got sick a few days later. I had a seizure of some kind. My back legs failed. My eyes spun around in my head. I pooped when my back legs splayed…how embarrassing.  And I started to shake. It was frightening.

Fortunately, Mama Karyn was right there to save me.

Then I drank a lot of water.

Karyn took me to the dog doctor and I found out that my liver values were off the charts. Now I take some different medicines and supplements and a month later my liver values were almost back to normal.

And so it goes.

Life is good and together we cherish each and every day.

I noticed Karyn has a new purple purse and some new shoes. I’m sure I’ll be having my way with them soon.

Love you, mean it.

The Lily, a.k.a. Drama Queen

P.S. Here’s an article about my birthday party.  It’s called Girls & Greyhounds Just Want to Have Fun.

Greyhound Farley is the Culprit! 2010/06/30

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Farley: Who me?

Mom returns from beading to see chewed files scattered around the living room floor. The sheet that covers my couch was on the floor. Mom’s comforter was in the hallway close to the kitchen. Although the files were covered with a towel, someone had nosed his/her way into the pile and selected those to be trashed. No investigation was necessary.

Mom knows that I’m with the program. If something is covered, I leave it alone. After trying to drag Mom’s bed pillows through the doggie door when I first moved in, I learned quickly that this was unacceptable.

However, Anabel is one curious greyhound and, if something is covered, she wants to see what’s underneath. I knew females were trouble.

Our house guest, Farley, is equally nosy, but Mom didn’t know about this until today. So Anabel got the brunt of Mom’s wrath and was placed on probation for two weeks, whatever that means…

Today, while responding to emails, Mom could hear that one of us was playing in the living room. Me and Anabel were curled up on our beds in the computer area, so that left Farley. Moving into the living room, Mom saw that Farley had dragged my couch sheet and her Snuggy onto the floor, and was busy chewing on one of her socks that he’d snagged from her tennis shoe. Anabel looked rather smug when Mom apologized to her and reduced her probation period to one week and told Farley that she would report him to his primary foster Mom when she returns from vacation. The boy was not pleased.

I sat back and relished my position as top greyhound with no probation.

Beamer is off the hook

While I may have contributed to the file shredding game, I certainly did not initiate it, ‘cos I know better. But once those files hit the floor and paper spilled out, what’s a greyhound to do? What comes naturally of course – shred, chew and fling. Life is good!

Tucson: Buy fundraising bracelets for no-kill cat shelter 2010/06/24

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purrr-ty in pink

Only six more shopping days to buy bracelets to benefit Casa de los Gatos, no-kill cat sanctuary in Tucson.

Help the kitties by perking up your wardrobe with some pizazz — one of a kind beaded bracelets — for a cause.

Read all the previous details here.

These bracelets give you something to PURR about it.

Tucson: Bamboo Club Benefit for No-Kill Cat Sanctuary-June 23 2010/06/22

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the cat's meow

Bamboo Club Benefit for Casa de los Gatos
Casa de los Gatos is hosting a fundraiser June 23 at the Bamboo Club Asian Bistro in Park Place Mall. You eat. You drink. You bring lots of friends along too.

And a portion of the your check goes to benefit Arizona’s largest no-kill cat sanctuary located here in Tucson.

You must download and print a flier in order to give to your wait person so the money for your meal will go to the charity. You can print out the flier here.  This applies to happy hour, dinner, and half-price bottles of wine, all from 5 to 9 p.m.

Buy bracelets to benefit Arizona no-kill cat sanctuary in Tucson 2010/06/15

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Wrap me around your wrist!

June is National Cat Month and the Beading Divas are selling beautiful one-of-a-kind bracelets to benefit Casa de los Gatos, Arizona’s largest no-kill cat sanctuary.

Bracelets cost a cool $20, all made with donated beads, and include a “paw” charm. Put some fashionable pizazz on your wrist while doing something positive for the cats. Bracelets are coiled memory wire for easy on and off.

Buy bracelets online (add $3 for shipping & handling) via ETSY.com – Lizzie Stardust

Buy bracelets in Tucson:

–Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, (next to Bison Witches Cafe), 624-9954

Desert Rose Homeopathic & Herbal Pharmacy, 2550 E. Ft. Lowell Ave,327-7267

Desert Dawgs (dog wash), 2510 N. Campbell Ave, 777-6045

There are countless stories about the good work that Casa de los Gatos does. Shouldn’t all cats be like Barney below and have the opportunity to smell the flowers?

Barney the cat loves flowers

(bracelet: photo by Michelle Caillet of Greyt Escape Greyhound Resort)

(Barney: photo by Diana Hansen)

All bracelet sales for the month of June 2010 benefit the cats. If you have beads to donate, please drop them off at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts or email karynzoldan@yahoo.com to arrange pickup.

Buy bracelets to benefit Casa de los Gatos no-kill cat sanctuary-AZ 2010/06/01

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No Kill Cat Sanctuary

June 2010 bracelet sales benefit Casa de los Gatos in Tucson.

Harriet is a sweet cat who is paralyzed in the rear because she was attacked by a dog while pregnant with three kittens. She still managed to give birth and nurse her kittens although she must have been in terrible pain. Casa de los Gatos rescued Harriet and her babies from Pima Animal Care Center. The kittens have all been adopted into loving homes, but Harriet remains with us in a special room where she can scoot around easily and sit in her favorite chair.

There are countless other stories about cats like Harriet, who are alive today because Casa de los Gatos was able to take them in. Casa de los Gatos is the largest No-Kill Cat Sanctuary in Arizona, and relies on your generous donations to house over 400 cats, kittens, and a few dogs too.

There are many ways you can help the Casa de los Gatos animals: Volunteer, donate money or supplies, attend  fundraisers, sponsor a special needs cat, and of course — buy some wonderful bracelets from Beading Divas to the Rescue!

Bracelets are one-of-kind, made with donated beads, one size fits most, $20 (entire sale goes to Casa de los Gatos). All come with one paw print charm.

Buy bracelets online at Lizzie Stardust via Etsy.com + $3 shipping for online sales

In Tucson buy bracelets at:  (520) area code

Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., 624-9954

Desert Rose Homeopathic & Herbal Pharmacy, 2550 E. Ft. Lowell Road, 327-7267

Desert Dawgs (dog wash), 2510 N. Campbell Ave., 777-6045

Do donate beads, please call 624-9954 or email karynzoldan@yahoo.com

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