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Hi Beading Divas,

Well I would say that was a very respectable sum indeed! ($943) Thank you all so much for helping us out by giving us this past month. We only get to town once a week. That is generally on Monday but this Monday our vet is here all day so we won’t get to town until a week from tomorrow. We will plan a trip down there then to pick everything up. I will call her ahead of time to get her hours and tell her we are coming. Going to 4th Ave is sort of a trip down memory lane. I did a lot of petitioning for animal causes at the street fairs and had our animal rights booths there when they used to allow them and gave the 501(c)(3)s a break. Don’t what they do anymore.

Thanks again for including us in your fundraising efforts for animal groups. I did an article in the July issue about all the ways people raise money for us and of course the Divas are included.


Ironwood Pig Sanctuary
PO Box 35490
Tucson, AZ 85740-5490


From FACEBOOK (New Hope Cattle Dogs of Arizona)
Valerie Quast
So final tally on what we made last month on the bracelets…drumroll please! 1,726 dollars! Woo Woot! 64 bracelets were sold on line, and a number walked out the door of Silver Sea Jewelry. I know I walked off with two of my own, and Lynne too! A humongous thank you goes out to all of the fantastic people who made the bracelets, the people who bought the bracelets, everyone. Thank you so much for showing your love for New Hope and helping us out and most importantly, helping out these amazing dogs! Thank you from all of the volunteers of New Hope Cattle Dogs!! You all rock!!


January 9, 2012

We are overwhelmed at the amount of money your beautiful bracelets raised! Unbelievable- thank you so, so much! We are so touched by your generosity and cannot thank you enough!

I was finally able to stop by Silver Sea today to bring back the unsold bracelets, pick up the cash & checks, and bring by a thank-you gift. Hopefully it will “keep” long enough for all of the Divas to
have a bite.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Please let me know if I or our organization can be of service to you in the future.

Thank you again, Kathryn Halstead DVM
Woofs without Roofs


May 15, 2010

Dear Beading Divas,

Ladies, thank you so much for your generous contribution to our organization!  We’d like to take a minute to explain what we’ve been doing and how your funds have helped.

In the last 2 months we’ve had a lot going on. As a matter of fact, this is the busiest couple of months we’ve had to date, and your donations made it possible. We were able to send 2 separate loads of retired racers to Oregon, with a grand total of 50 dogs. 26 were sent to Colorado for adoption and 17 just went up north, to find homes in the New England area. (Thanks to our haulers, all of the dogs reached their groups in immaculate condition.) That is a total of 93 dogs that we’ve been able to move to non-racing states since the 20th of March.

We hope that you will continue to support us in the future. We love your bracelets, and we’ve discussed additional ways that we can promote them if you choose to support us again. We could not have sent the last trip up north without your help! Once again, on behalf of the dogs, thank you!


Monica and Crystal,  President and Secretary
Greyhound Support Transport, Inc.

The Beading Divas donated $905 to GST.


Along with thanking the people who helped us during the initial round of fundraising the $14,300 vet bills, the groups we help occasionally thank us:

As president of Ferret Friends, Inc. I would like to send a very special thank you and a pat on the back for helping us with your generous > donation to our cause. I didn’t realize just how much this would generate but I see now how profitable it is. I am hoping we can do this again sometime and if there is another AAF that the weather will be better and we will all have great sales and adoptions. Thankfully, Carol Owens, Vail

To the Beading Divas, Thank you sooo very much for adopting Ferret Friends and helping us in such a generous way. It really means a lot to us (and of course our little furry friends) and is such a huge help to our cause. I just wanted to give my thanks and let you know that it was definitely appreciated! Yvette Dolan, Ferret Friends member

Ladies: You are AWESOME and GENEROUS! What good work you do helping all the critters large and small. Thanking you ALL so very much, Robin, Ferret Friends member


Hi Divas,

You will be happy to know that every penny of the $1,400 raised for AGR went to veterinary care for the dogs.  Which is a lot since we receive a nice discount from Broadway Animal Clinic.  We are able to get teeth, shots, spay or neuter done for under $200.  We also paid $25 per dog for transport to the kennel and/or vet.  The Beading Divas’ donation almost covered 7 greyhounds pre-adoption costs and transport (we were $49 short on the 7th greyhound).

Take pride in all the wonderful work the Beading Divas to the Rescue does with their donations!!


Angy Shearer, AGR Development Director


It takes a village plus the kindness of strangers to make this all possible.

On behalf of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mead there are many people and organizations to thank for helping to raise money to pay the $14,300 vet bill and then some.

Greyt Escape Etsy has been very generous by photographing, posting,  fulfilling, and shipping bracelet orders plus designing and printing the thank you cards and business card attached to the bracelets.  She even shipped a bracelet to Australia!

Diana Hansen, proud adopter of Buddy the greyhound and Barney the cat, designed the powerful postcards that we distributed to the stores on 4th Avenue and other venues.

Cathy Orth (Angy’s mom) who made a generous contribution which paid for postcard printing and purchase of some beads, beading supplies, and sterling silver fobs. All other monies raised go directly into the pay-the-vet-bill-fund.

Mary Blecha from the Out to Lunch Bunch Quilters of Arizona for donating a beautiful handmade quilt which sold on ebay and to Ann Harnden and Gisela Wirth for the creative handiwork.

Desert Rose Homeopathics & Herbals at 2550 East Fort Lowell Road sold our bracelets for almost a year. We thank you for your support.

Animal organizations and related businesses that have donated time, money, good will, or word-of-mouth: Animal Crusaders, Arizona Greyhound Rescue, AWASA, Desert Dog News, Greyhounds of Fairhaven, Kindred Spirits Greyhound Adoption, K-9 Compassion, Northcoast Greyhounds, Nunn Better! Pet Care, Paws-4-a-Cause, Philadelphia Greyhound Connection, San Diego Animal Advocates, Tucson Petcare Network, Tucson Pet Sitter.

People who donated beads: Lizzie M., Anne L., Christina M., Marianne B., Penelope S., Lyle S., Grace, Joan A., Julia S., Bernadette C., Sheri R., Michelle C., Leta, Sung Starman, Jennifer C., C Loren D., Belle, Renee C., Luann J., Libby O., Cyran, Thea W., Deb D., Sandee R, Mary Jo P., Gail C., Connie B., Stephanie U., Sheryl M’s friend, Cindy H., Erika, Edwina, Jackie from Gypsy/a Hair Salon, Sandra & Tara, Jean W., Karyn Z., Carol Lee K. from Clarksville, Genie G., Alice J., Sandra L., Cindy S., Equine Voices, Pati P, Susan M, Pam C., Bobbi M. from Forever Wild, Casa de los Gatos, Noni D., Cynthia D, Suzanne Morrison, LIZ, Golden Goose and volunteers for Animal Emergency Care Fund and many more!

People who donated other items for sale or sold other items:  Rebecca Coffman, Jean Rettus, Molly B’s Etsy storeIsland Bead and Box, Bernsen ArtsSekhmets Treasures, Buckaroo Bones, and T K Jewelry Design.

People who have made bracelets: Lizzie, Michelle, Cynthia, Angy, Glenda, Karyn, Loren, Kate, Joan, Julia, Jean, Nancy, Thea, Bug, Raven, Loralei, Dani, Alta, Linda, Grace, Thea, Karlan, Chris, Cyran, Sean, Logan, Bailey, Rebecca, Dragonfly, Kat, Lauren R, Katherine, Matt, Noni, Christina, Courtney, Libby, Jean, Susan M., Naomi, Mary Ann, Marlene, Dawn H,  Dawn G., Jeanne, Tara, Sandra, Carol M., Erika, Alice, Jackie, Hillary and Hillary, Carolyn O., Edie J., Linda, Naomi, and Anne Marie & Gracie and so many more divas…

Compass Bank for setting up a separate bank account, Elizabeth Mead/Mead Accident Fund

People who helped in other ways: Bill Carnegie, Brian Caillet, Paula Huter, and the merchants on 4th Avenue plus St. Francis in the Foothills for allowing us to sell bracelets at Blessing of the Animals 2009 and CataVinos Wine Shoppe.

Lizzie Mead’s human friends and their greyhound inspirations make this raising money effort all possible: Michelle Caillet + Riley and Opa, Cynthia David + Harmony, Loren Dawn + Saffron, Angy Shearer + Misty, Glenda Taylor + Beamer, and Karyn Zoldan + Lily.

The Arizona Daily Star, Tucson Citizen, Desert Dog News and Examiner.com for publishing articles about Lizzie, the accident, and our efforts to raise money.

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1. Lizzie - 2009/02/24

Hi there- It’s Lizzie
I just wanted to comment about how many people have gone out of their way to help the dogs and myself, it has been a remarkable thing- the kindness of others! So many people have lent a hand and made things a less terrible in this situation. The dogs are doing well, getting back to normal and ready to have adventures and a full doggie life 🙂 I for one appreciate each day I get with them, realizing that I am on stolen time- because I am so fortunate that they survived this accident.
So thank you, so much! To everyone that has provided me with emotional support, comraderie, financial help with the bills, and to the ladies that have put all of this together-what would I have done without you? Thank you!

2. Tucson Greyhound Injury Vet Bill–Paid! Plus… « Greyhound Injury Fund Blog - 2009/04/13

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