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Bead Drive 2015

Bead Drive 2015

Got beads?

Bead Drive 2015 – Beads Needed to Help Animal Rescues

Sponsored by Beading Divas to the Rescue

The Beading Divas have raised more than $115,000 from one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets available for $20. All funds raised (to date) have been donated to 45 animal charities (some chosen more than once) in five states (AZ, CA, FL, MA, and KS).


You can drop off beads at various venues around Tucson, mail them, or we can pick up beads, pending location.

We’re asking the Southern Arizona community and beyond to help.

Like us on Facebook.

When providing beads, please also include:
• Your name
• Contact info – phone # plus area code if outside Tucson metro
• The name of a 501 c3 animal charity

All charities entered will be added to our “consideration pool.” We look at this list when choosing a recipient charity.

LOCAL EVENT: On Saturday March 14, 2015 at 4 pm –– A drawing will be held at SILVER SEA JEWELRY, 330 North 4th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85705. One lucky 501c3 animal charity will be randomly chosen as the recipient of bracelet sales in May 2015. Additional prizes will be awarded too. Come join us for refreshments, raffle prizes, a jolly celebration!

Beading Divas fundraiser

Made with your donated beads

All entries and winners must consent to having name and charity choice listed on the blog and Facebook. Occasionally, we have rescue groups for one reason or another who don’t have the manpower or know-how to participate as we do require some participation/promotion on your end. Three names will be drawn but only one will be announced. In the case of the winner not wanting the fundraiser, the second name drawn will be announced.

1st Place Winner:
Random drawing from entries received. One 501c3 animal charity will be chosen as the recipient for May 2015 bracelet fundraising.

2nd Place Winner:
Random drawing from entries receives. One 501 c3 animal charity will be chosen to receive 3 bracelets to be used as fundraising or volunteer appreciation.

Additional Prizes:
–3 Wild Card Drawings:
Each random winner receives 1 bracelet in their choice of colors

Surprise! Drawing:
Donations received from outside Arizona will be included in a special random drawing. Winner receives 3 bracelets for their chosen animal charity to be used for fundraising or volunteer appreciation.

Traveling Treasures Drawing:
The bead donation package that was sent the furthest distance will receive 1 bracelet in their choice of colors.

Hal-e-LOOT-ya Drawing:
Biggest single bead donation received: Winner will receive a bracelet in their choice of colors.

THE PREVIOUS BEAD DRIVE WINNERS WERE: Greyhound Support Transport of Florida in 2011 and the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Second Chance Fund in 2013.

Bead Drive 2015 Tucson

Made with your donated beads

Please go to the bead drop-off locations page for the most updated list.

ANIMAL RESCUES ARE ENCOURAGED TO ASK VOLUNTEERS & ADOPTERS TO DONATE BEADS ON THEIR BEHALF. Animal rescues may post flyers at their location or meet & greet venues. To obtain flyers, email karynzoldan@yahoo.com and put “Bead Drive” in the subject line.

SMALL BUSINESSES WANTING TO HOST A DROP OFF BASKET FOR BEAD DROP-OFFS at your location, please contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com or call 955-9061. You will be added to the list. Please ensure that the basket is in a safe location and its contents cannot disappear.

Please call us for the mailing address – 520-955-9061 or email karynzoldan@yahoo.com

beads beads beads

beautiful bracelets made with donated beads

Beautiful beads, global beads, glass beads, ceramic beads, mother earth beads, gems & jewels suitable for beading, funny beads, metal beads, pearls, animal beads, letter beads, every color of the rainbow beads, recycled beads, wooden beads, vintage beads, glittery beads, old jewelry made from beads that is suitable to be taken apart and reused/upcycled, beads made from natural materials, sparkly beads, ugly beads, thrift store beads, old beads, new beads, synthetic beads, shiny beads, metallic beads, charms, lucite beads…these are ideas. Large quantities of seed beads and other unusable beads are given to other groups & schools that can use them.

donate beads

Beading Divas Bracelets

1) With your bead donation: Include your name, contact number w/area code, name of one 501c3 animal charity of your choice.
2) Entries will be listed on the blog & Facebook as they are received. Please allow 2 weeks to post.
3) Winners need not be present to win. Winners & their charities will be contacted within 3 days. The winners will also be posted on this blog and on our Facebook page.
4) *The 501 (c)(3) animal charity must be located in the continental United States. Entrants will be verified to their 501 (c)(3) status prior to being placed in the drawing box. If the charity is not that status, the person submitting the beads will be contacted and asked to provide another animal charity.
5) You must be 21 to enter.
6) Only one animal charity is permitted per beading donation/entry. You may provide a second gift of beads for an additional entry either listing the same charity or a different charity but not sent in the same box or envelope. No stuffing the ballot box, so to speak.
7) The “original” seven Beading Divas are not eligible to win.
8) All drawings are random unless otherwise described. You agree to rules and the decisions of the judges which will be final in all respects.
9) In lieu of beads, you may send checks PAYABLE TO BEADING DIVAS, INC. – don’t forget to include the name of the charity you want to enter in the random drawing.
10) Donations are not tax deductible

DONATIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE: Beading Divas to the Rescue is not a 501c3 charity. Each month we “volunteer” for a different animal charity and to sell bracelets for donation on their behalf. Therefore, donations to the Bead Drive are not tax deductible. The entire price of a $20 bracelet is given to the respective charity whether it’s paid for with cash, a check payable to said charity, or Etsy online sales.

Please like us on Facebook for continual updates re the Bead Drive progress.

To view our donation history – read the about page

Click to view the FAQ page.

For questions, please call 520-955-9061. Thank you


1. Judie Mordock - 2013/02/04

Can I donate inherited costume jewerly that can be taken apart and the bobbles (beads) used?

2. greyhoundsrule - 2013/02/04

Yes, we are thrilled with costume jewelry that can be reused. Thank you.

3. debbie - 2015/01/20

Personally I would love to see a donation made to spay and disgruntled thank

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6. debbie - 2015/02/02

That was meant to stay tucson spay and neuter solutions that assists people who cannot afford spay or neutered for their pets. Also. For homeless people and their pets. Going through my head right now. Thanks

7. debbie - 2015/02/02

Beads. Dang spell check. Lol

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