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Greyhound – Small Dog Friendly with MimZy 2010/02/26

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MimZy the guard dog

Ssh – don’t tell Beamer that I’m using his blog. You know how territorial he is.

I’m MimZy. I’m a cute, smart terrier mix and my Mom and Dad are adopters: Beading Diva Cynthia and Daddy Wade.

Mom and Dad had to go out of town on business last Monday, so I went to Aunt Diva Roja’s crib for a small vacation. I’ve been there before so I knew the routine and was familiar with the fur inmates: Beamer the greyhound and Ice the American Eskimo.

But then I heard that Aunt Roja was visiting her friend, Connie, in Phoenix and I was invited. WOO HOO – I’m always ready for an adventure. So on Thursday morning we set off for Phoenix.

Upon arrival I’m met by four pooches: two are siblings of Ice, one is a a long-haired dachsund and the other a black Pomeranian. We performed the usual greeting ritual and all was well. Connie has a lawn in her back yard and I had loads of fun sniffing, peeing, and kicking up my back legs after I’d made several deposits. I think you get my drift.

Connie and Aunt Roja went out for dinner and the lead female Alpha, Jasmine, subtly asserted her dominance, and I fell in line. What the heck, I’m just visiting. Connie and Aunt Roja returned and we all settled in to watch the Olympics. I was snuggled next to Aunt Roja on the couch with Ice when suddenly the front door opened and in came this guy. WOW.

Who is he and what is he doing here? I think it’s time that this interloper knows that, while small, I can be pretty ferocious, so I growled incessantly. Kept him away from the couch, but couldn’t vanquish him from the crib.

But I kept growling. Aunt Roja was trying to calm me down. She just didn’t get it. My job is to look out for my caretakers, and this interloper was infringing on my territory with Aunt Roja and my new Aunt Connie. Aunt Roja told me that Don was not an interloper but the person that paid the bills for this crib and he lived here. Oh yea. So why wasn’t he here when I arrived? Why did he sneak in at 7:00 p.m. when the rest of us were comfy and cosy watching the Olympics? There was some jabber about him working – yea, yea, yea. My doggie brain could not wrap my paws around this, but the guy stayed in the background, eat his dinner and then withdrew to the master bedroom to watch T.V.

Just as well because I was ready to rip his pants a new one. I still think he was a burglar casing the joint and he had Aunt Connie wrapped around his pinky. But what do I know, I’m a dog.

Hey, who said you could post a message on my blog?

Hi Beams – your Mama!

P.S. MimZy was adopted through Cold Wet Noses.

Beautiful Bracelets Fundraising for Furry Ferrets on Etsy 2010/02/22

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Ferret fundraising - buy a bracelet

The ferrets and other animals got rained out of the Arizona Animal Fair day.

Very sad.

During the month of Feb. 2010, all bracelets are still for sale on Etsy.com and will benefit the ferrets.  The site says “greyhound adoption” but trust me — for Feb. 2010 — it for Arizona Ferrets represented by Ferret Friends.

The bracelets are all one-of-a-kind and made with donated beads. One size fits most. They have a wraparound coil for easy one and off. Bracelets are $20 (full donation) + $3 shipping & handling.

Don’t disappoint these furry ferrets. They need love too.

Buy bracelets at Tucson Animal Fair – Feb. 2010 – Help Ferrets 2010/02/18

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Fundraising for Ferret Friends

Go to the Arizona Animal Fair in Tucson. The birds and the beasts will be there. So will the greyhounds and the ferrets.

Beading Divas will be selling beautiful bracelets to help Ferret Friends.

Bracelets cost $20. You can make the check payable to Ferret Friends or pay cash.

You can find Ferret Friends and the Beading Divas at booth “C”. There is a circle of rescues in the northwest corner of the whole affair, they call it “Super Adoptions”. Ferret Friends is located in the southern part of that circle.

Read more about the ferrets.

Buy bracelets to help Tucson Ferret Friends 2010/02/11

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Buy Beautiful Bracelets to help Tucson Ferrets

Buy beautiful handmade one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets to help Ferret Friends of Tucson.

Buy these bracelets ONLINE through ETSY.

Bracelets cost $20 + $3 S & H. All bracelets go directly to the ferrets.

In Tucson, you can also buy bracelets at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 520-624-9954.

There are also about a half dozen bracelets at Desert Rose Homeopathic Pharmacy, 2550 E. Ft. Lowell Road.

(photo: Michelle Caillet)

Beads Galore! 2010/02/08

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Buy beaded bracelets to help the ferrets

Pick me, Pick me!

“Are they here yet?”

“Yep, they’re coming up the steps.”

“How many”

“Oh, I’d say about 10.”

“Great, we’re on our way.”

“I hope they don’t put me with red.”

“Hey, I’m red, what’s wrong with red?”

“I’m emerald green and Christmas is over.”

“Good point. What are they doing now?”

“They’re searching through the boxes.

“How close are they to our box?”

“About two boxes over – Oh look out, here comes Lizzie.”

“Can’t breath, can’t breath.”

“Quit whining, if you can talk, you can breath.”

“Yes, but Lizzie flipped me and then buried me under turquoise.”

“Well then, I guess she doesn’t need red.”

“That was a low blow.”

“Sorry.  Hey, she’s looking my way – yippee – here I go, see ya!”

“What about me? Am I chopped liver? I’m a gorgeous red.

Doesn’t anybody want a gorgeous red in these days? “

“Well, look what I found, a fabulous red accent bead.”

“Now that’s more like it, I’m a bead that needs to shine.”

Diva Roja

In case you’re wondering, the above post is about how beads are so excited to be part of the one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets that help raise funds for animals in need. This month – Feb. 2010 — we’re raising money for Ferret Friends.

You can buy these beautiful bracelets online through Etsy.com

Fundraising bracelets for Tucson ferrets in Feb. 2010/02/02

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Buy bracelets for Tucson ferrets

About Ferret Friends, Inc:

Ferrets come to the organization in various ways: found loose on the street, left behind when people move, found in dumpsters, found in a carrier left behind at a park, etc.

People contact Ferret Friends because: they’re pregnant, going to college, moving, being deployed, lost their job, allergic, had a baby, don’t have the time anymore, the kids lost interest, they smell, can’t afford the vet bills, etc. Most of the animals surrendered are happy good-natured, friendly pets.

However, some have experienced abuse and starvation. Those ferrets can be with the organization for extended periods of time and are rehabilitated once they understand that humans are a good thing.

Ferret Friends is no-kill rescue and also serves as a hospice for many aged and diseased ferrets. In such cases the ferrets die in our homes and in our arms. Ferrets are only euthanized when the ferret’s health/comfort dictates. Ferrets can live to be 6, 8, or occasionally more years if they have a good quality of life. Some ferrets pass away starting at about 4 years old. Often the reason that ferrets are unhealthy is because they’ve been fed inappropriately, usually cheap cat food. Ferret friends is also contacted by the Humane Society and PACC.
Ferret Friends is in desperate need of foster homes. Ferrets just don’t have the media exposure and popular following  that cats and dogs do. They are extremely high maintenance pets. Ferret Friends is also looking for volunteers with website and merchandising skills to help the group sell cages, bedding, and all the other ferret items that are donated.

Please support Tucson ferret rescue.

You can buy bracelets at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., 624-9954. Bracelets cost $20 and all Feb. sales benefit Ferret Friends.

You can also buy bracelets online after Feb. 7 where they will be more of selection. There’s a $3 shipping & handling charge.

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