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Bracelet sales for Greyhounds Verde Valley end Jan. 31, 2011 2011/01/28

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Buy bracelets for animal charities

You have a few more days to help the hounds in Northern Arizona — Camp Verde Valley, Cottonwood, Sedona, Flagstaff.

You can buy the bracelets online via Etsy for $20 + $3 shipping & handling. The entire $20 goes to GVV.

Or you can buy them in Tucson at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue OR Dirty Dawgs dog wash, 2510 N. Campbell Ave.

This beautiful bracelet is named “Drama Girl.”  Let’s face it — we all have some “drama” in us and hopefully much comedy too.


15 1/2 year old greyhound Niles goes to the Rainbow Bridge 2011/01/28

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Niles at 13, what a happy dog

Photos and story submitted and shared by Robert Jenkins

It is with heavy heart that we announce that our beloved Niles crossed the Bridge this past September. This has been a difficult time, and we are only now able to share his story with the List. The local newspaper published a wonderful tribute to Niles, but the article is too lengthy to set forth here, and thus we summarize. I suspect that much we say of Niles is true of all greyhounds, but he was our boy, and to us, he was the best.

Born March 26, 1995, Niles was a dark brindle greyhound who first knew a life of kennels and races before adopting his loving Dads, Randy and Robert, on August 12, 2000. If ever it could be said that a pet did the adopting, this was indeed true. Promising to always care properly for this magnificent creature, Robert and Randy drove from their home in Lexington, Kentucky to North Carolina, where they were privileged with this adoption from Circle of Friends Greyhound Rescue. Such began the great adventure of the loving family of three.

Niles was a member of the family, a child and not a pet. He was never caged, never boarded, and he expressed his appreciation in countless ways. Niles could make the most curmudgeonly person smile with a playful burp or flick of an ear. He lived for his ear scritches, nose kisses, and belly rubs.

Niles was elegant and graceful, walking nimbly through rooms of furniture and glassware. His posture perfect, he floated across pavement, his natural gait that of a classically trained principal dancer. His fur smelled like none other, but more like a powder puff. Niles would not bark unless the occasion called for speaking, and yet he could sing the famous roo, his the most beautiful and emotive.

Niles taught others to enjoy the simpler things in life. He would smell flowers for the sake of their wondrous fragrance; he would brush his face across the needles of pine tree limbs, trancing amongst their gentle tickles of his face. Niles longed to walk in the crunchy leaves of fall. He tiptoed through snow and sniffed the first blades of spring’s grass.

Niles taught respect and tolerance. He would greet the homeless with the same enthusiasm as those with mansions; he paid no attention to political or other affiliations. Every person and every creature was interesting. Squirrels would scamper, chipmunks scurry, and rabbits run, all safe under his watchful eye and tilting head that expressed amazement at their activities.

As he aged, Niles never complained about slowing down. He continued to enjoy his treats and short walks. He never cried, never appeared in pain. His eyes glistened until the very end.

Niles at 15-plus, still a happy hound

Niles was in my lap when he left us on September 30 at age 15 ½. We celebrate his life and the lessons he taught, the friends he made, and the reminder of good in the world. We love you, Niles. You were and always will be special. Dream wonderful things and always know you’re loved.

You can read an article in the newspaper about Niles.

Tucson greyhound: Jett turns 5 and tangos with Anabel greyhound 2011/01/28

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Jett Greyhound

Jett Greyhound here

I turned 5 years old on December 19, 2010. That was my birthday. I heard through the greyhound grapevine that I’m supposed to be lavished with presents but that did not happen. My human did make me chicken soup with smashed carrots and rice and I ate that for four days. It was heavenly. I was supposed to get a new collar but that didn’t happen either. My human said I’m getting one soon.

Then another hound came to stay for awhile. His name was Carter and he was a cool guy after we growled at each other a few times. I was trying to dominate him and he wouldn’t let me. He stayed for 8 days while his foster mom went to Texas. When he left, Karyn stood at the door weeping and I whimpered.

Foster greyhound Carter finds comfort

A few hours after he left, Mary Jo came. She is Karyn’s best friend. She’s fun. I slept with her every night. She didn’t mind and we cuddled. Lots of people came to visit when she was here. The house was full of laughter and pets and treats.

After she left it was kind of depressing but my Karyn is just so busy, so unorganized, and so forgetful.

A couple weeks ago Auntie Glenda came and brought her two greyhounds Beamer and Anabel. I think Karyn forgot to take photos. Beamer is a big boy and marked in the living room. Not cool Beams! Then we all went outside. I think I’m in love with Anabel. She’s a fiery wench. She and I did the tango two times until Beamer broke it up. Chill Beamer! You live with her. I’m only trying to make some time with her.

I would like Anabel to come and visit again and leave Beamer at home. We must tango some more.

Our clicker trainer came to a halt because Karyn was too busy but I think we’re going to start up again. The other day on our walk Karyn couldn’t keep up with me and missed the curb and fell. She dropped the leash and I started off without her. Fortunately, for her I know “Jett COME!” and I came back and she grabbed my leash. I just stood there counting the minutes until she could get up. She was saying some bad words as she tried to stand up. Her elbow was bleeding too.

But she’s a trooper or so they say, and we finished the walk instead of turning around, as the show must go on.

I’m hoping to have some new adventures soon and perhaps I’ll meet you too.

Love and tail wags

What you see is what you JETT…greyhound

Last days to buy bracelets for Greyhounds Verde Valley, Arizona 2011/01/26

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Hot to Trot for Valentines Day

As we get close to the end of the month, I want to remind people that Beading Divas to the Rescue have some dazzling one of a kind beaded bracelets for sale for the same low price of $20. All of that $20 goes directly the Greyhounds of Verde Valley in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what woman or young girl doesn’t want some eye candy for her wrist. These bracelets are especially meaningful because they go towards helping rescued greyhounds.

You can buy these beautiful baubles online (add $3 S&H)  or in Tucson at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., 624-9954, and Dirty Dogs dog wash, 2510 N. Campbell Ave.,

The Beading Divas also want to thank Courtney Kelly who came to the bead drive contest drawing and donated 18 to 20 percent of sales that day from her colorful quirky art work to Greyhounds of Valley Verde.  I bought a really cool print that matches my vividly hued house. You can see and buy Courtney’s artwork here.

Lost and Found Greyhound – Greyhounds of Valley Verde, Arizona 2011/01/23

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Hope greyhound lost and found

For the month of January 2011, Beading Divas to the Rescue is proud to sell bracelets for this wonderful greyhound rescue group in Northern Arizona.

They shared this wonderful story with me and I thought I’d share it with you — spoiler: it has a happy ending. 🙂

On January 7, 2011, one of a dog owner’s worst fears happened – his greyhound ran out the gate and was gone in an instant.  And this wasn’t just any greyhound, it was little female greyhound that had just been saved from the Tucson track and was in foster care.  The phone call came in to Greyhounds of the Verde Valley (GVV) at 12:30 pm and the search was on to find “High Hopes” nicknamed Hope. The black greyhound had only been in Cottonwood a short time, so she had no idea where she was or a home to go back to.

“Accidents happen and it was a team effort to find Hope.  At one time we had 12 or 13 people putting up flyers and walking all the neighbor hoods where we thought she might be,” noted Monica Davis, adoption coordinator for GVV.

If you lose a dog, time is of the essence –and if it’s a greyhound, given how fast they can run, it’s that much more important.  But what an owner has to realize is that he or she can’t do it alone.  Getting the word out is critical to success in finding a lost and probably scared dog.

A flyer was designed by one of GVV volunteers and it was copied and given out to everyone for posting.  Greyhound owners from Sedona to Clarkdale to Cornville arrived to help in the search and a reward was offered for Hope’s safe return.

The group started notifying local shelters, animal control, bus drivers, phone and cable technicians – anyone that would be out and about in the community and might see a loose dog.  Another great resource is the web – craigslist, pets911, Greytalk Amber Alert and others – and GVV internet guru, Janis Mock-Jones, began getting the word out immediately. “Just a week ago, one or GVV’s owners in Phoenix found a greyhound and they looked on craigslist and there was a listing – so happy ending.”

It is winter in the Verde Valley and temperatures were in the 20s at night so everyone was worried about this little dog surviving if she was out too long.  Greyhounds have very little body fat to keep warm and this little black greyhound was just off the track so was skinnier that most.  The volunteers had been looking for 3 days with only one potential sighting and morale was low, but no one was giving up.

It wasn’t until Monday that the hard work of posting hundreds of flyers paid off.  Two phone calls came in about seeing the black greyhound near the Mingus Bridge going toward 89A.   There was renewed hope for Hope and several volunteers (the life blood of any organization) arrived in the area and redoubled their efforts, posting flyers and talking to anyone they saw.

After 4 or 5 more hours of searching there was no sign of Hope and the search was called off for the night.  It was another tough night for rescuers as the temperatures dipped low again.

The area where Hope was sighted had several fenced/locked fields and once again the internet was a key.  A search on the Yavapai county website showed the fields were county owned, so Janis contacted Supervisor Chip Davis’ office and asked Chris Moran to help get GVV volunteers in to walk the properties.  “If a greyhound is curled up and huddled in the grass to stay warm, it is very hard to see.  So even though the Sheriff’s deputies had looked around the area from the road, we just felt it was important to get in and search the areas.”

It wasn’t long before Verl Cook, YC Verde Road Superintendent, drove over from Camp Verde with a key to the gate and he and Monica Davis began hiking the 11 acre area.  When Monica noticed a ‘black rock’ on the other side of a wire fence, she took a second look and saw eyes following her – HOPE was there  and lying right just out of reach.  “I couldn’t believe we had found her, but couldn’t get to her.  So I sat down on the ground and talked softly to her. Eventually Hope got up and came to me so I grabbed her collar through the fence and just held on!”

Verl walked out and around trying to find a way into the other fenced area and eventually got in and hooked up a leash to lead Hope out to safety.  She was cold, thirsty, hungry, and had lost several pounds, but Hope was in remarkable shape.  She is now staying with a volunteer foster family and getting the love and new life she deserves.

As volunteers took down flyers Wednesday – it was with a great feeling knowing that the saying “It takes a village” really is true and it took everyone’s efforts to save this greyhound’s life – again.

Greyhounds are bred to race at tracks throughout the US and world, but when they are hurt or can no longer win, their lives aren’t worth anything to the owners and trainers.  Many are put down despite efforts by rescue groups to save them and adopt them out as pets.

Greyhounds of the Verde Valley is located in Cottonwood and is dedicated to saving the lives of these majestic dogs.

“We are an all volunteer organization and are only as strong as our network of people who want to help.  The only way to save these dogs is to find people who are willing to foster a greyhound while we find a good home for them,” says Judy Cowan, GVV Vice President.

Greyhounds of the Verde Valley was established in 2007 as a non-profit group dedicated to placing greyhounds in loving, forever homes as pets.  For more information on helping save the lives of these intelligent dogs, visit the website or call 1-877-807-6540 or email greyhoundsverdevalley@gmail.com

Visit Etsy.com to buy online.

Buy a bracelet to benefit Greyhounds Verde Valley

Bracelet Fundraiser Continues for Greyhounds of Verde Valley, AZ 2011/01/15

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Black is beautiful...Greyhounds of the Verde Valley

Beading Divas to the Rescue continue to sell bracelets for the Greyhounds of Verde Valley during the month of January 2011.  We’ve added more bracelets to our Etsy site so you can buy them online for $20 (all of it goes to GVV) plus $3 for S&H which pays our costs to mail.

Here a story from Greyhounds Verde Valley:

Did you know that black greyhounds are the hardest to rehome?

Unfortunately statistics prove that black greyhounds are the hardest to home. Why? A black greyhound in superb condition is absolutely stunning. A black greyhound in need of some T.L.C. is unfortunately not so stunning and they can look far worse than other colors. Having a black coat means that curable problems like dandruff, bald patches or simply a winter coat can be off-putting, everything seems to show more on a black coat. However with a little TLC you will have a gleaming, shiny beauty.

One Sedona family is bucking this trend and currently has six (yes that is six!) black greyhounds – to keep their black Labrador rescue dog company.

“We always heard that black dogs were less adoptable so we told GVV that we would take all the black greyhounds they get.  Who knew we would end up with so many – but they are such a joy and I tell my wife that greyhounds are like potato chips – you can’t have just one.”

The black greyhound gang (and Nik) are pictured at the Kanab, Utah gathering in 2010. These black dogs have color coded collars so you can tell who is who quickly.

Here’s a beautiful bracelet to complement your black greyhounds or that black outfit you like to wear. (photo: Michelle Caillet)

The Painted Desert

Tucson: Winner of the Bead Drive Contest Drawing is… 2011/01/09

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fabulous fund-raising divas

And the first-place winner of the Beading Divas Bead Drive Contest is:

Greyhound Support Transport – GST hauls retired racing greyhounds out of Florida where there are still 13 tracks and haul the dogs to non-racing states and Canada. Linda Lyman submitted the beads.

GST will be the recipient of our Feb. 2011 bracelet sales.

2nd place winner receives 6 bracelets to be used for fund-raising or volunteer appreciation. 2nd place winner is GREY2K USA Education Fund located in Mass. They advocate against greyhound racing and educate the public about how to help. Luann Strohmeyer submitted the beads.

Originally, we were going to choose one 3rd place winner but at the last minute chose three.  Each 3rd place winner can choose a bracelet in their favor colors.

The 3rd place winners are:

Tucson – Carol Ray (who happened to be present for the drawing)

Tucson – Christine Boucher

Colorado – Judy Greenfield

Congratulations to the winners!

Beads were submitted from 16 states, Washington D.C., and Canada. People gave from a strand of beads to a huge & heavy Rubbermaid container and everything in between. Thank you to all who donated beads!!!

Charities represented in the drawing:

12 greyhound charities

Cindy Hall hugs Beamer Greyhound

–American European Greyhound Alliance
–Arizona Greyhound Rescue
–Greyhound Adoption Florida
–Greyhound Adoption League Texas
–Greyhound Angels Adoption
–Greyhound Pets of America – Emerald Coast
–Greyhound Pets of America – NW (Idaho)
–Greyhound Support Transport
–Greyhounds 2 Go
–Grey2K USA Education Fund
–Homestretch Greyhound Rescue
–Southeastern Greyhound Adoption

2 humane societies
–Humane Society Southern Arizona
–Humane Society White Mountains

2 horse rescues
–Equine Voices
–Heart of Tucson

126 entries

2 cat rescues
–Casa de los Gatos
–Hermitage Cat Shelter

1 wildlife center
–Tucson Wildlife Center

2 sanctuaries
–Ironwood Pig Sanctuary in Marana
–Morning Starr Pet Rescue & Sanctuary in Cornville, Ariz

Other shelters & rescues

A customer and his dog Luna

In Tucson:
–Angels for Animals
–Hope Animal Shelter

in Los Angeles
–Bill Foundation – no-kill

5 breed specific charities:
–Adopt-a-Bull (pit bulls/mastiffs)
–Amazing Aussies
–New Hope Cattle Dogs
–Sahuaro Daschund Rescue
–So. Az Beagle Rescue

More guests outside

–Animal Emergency Care Fund – Tucson

Greyhounds Verde Valley, AZ, Benefit by Bracelet Fundraiser, Beading Divas 2011/01/03

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Greyhounds as couch potatoes

For the month of January 2011, Beading Divas to the Rescue decided to raise money for a greyhound rescue group in northern Arizona. The Greyhounds  of the Verde Valley, Inc. (GVV) is an all volunteer, 501C3 organization that began in January 2007 after rescuing two male dogs from the Tucson race track kennels.

Their mission was simple: Place greyhound dogs in safe, loving, forever homes as pets.

In Tucson, bracelets are for sale at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue and Dirty Dawgs dog wash, 2510 N. Campbell Ave. Please pay cash or make out a check to GVV.

You can also buy bracelets online via Etsy.com (+ $3 S&H).

Greyhounds of the Valley Verde also have bracelets for sale during the month of January if you’re up in that neck of the woods.

All bracelets are one of a kind made with donated beads and cost $20.  Support the greyhounds with a beautiful meaningful gift for your wrist.

Tucson: Bead Drive Contest Drawing – January 8, Silver Sea Jewelry 2011/01/03

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Bead Drive Contest - Drawing - January 8

Beading Divas to the Rescue bead drive has ended.

Thank you to everyone who has donated beads (view the comments for people who donated the beads).The results were amazing!

The random drawing will be held on January 8 at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts at 330 N. 4th Avenue.  The drawing will be held at 5 pm.

From 3 to 6 pm, come by and sample complimentary wine and cheese (and sparkling cranberry juice), schmoozing, and laughter. SPECIAL SALE during these hours – buy 1, get the second one at half off.  This applies to everything in the store except consignment items and Beading Divas bracelets.

The random drawing will include 3 special prizes:

1st prize – a winning charity will be the recipient of our February sales

2nd prize – 6 bracelets will be donated to a charity for them to fund-raise with

3rd prize – 1 bracelet in the winner’s favorite colors

The public is invited. Please come by and help us make this a festive event. Bring your friends. Call 624-9954 with questions.

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