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Tucson Greyhounds Accident – 1 year anniversary 2009/10/20

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Rider & Opal, happy & well

Rider & Opal, happy & well



Last year – October 20, 2008 was that horrible day when Lizzie Mead and her two greyhounds Opal & Rider almost became a statistic in a 5-car hit-and-run accident.

This blog was started as a way to help Lizzie pay the horrendous $14,300 vet bill incurred by Opal and Rider.

Lizzie had physical therapy and the dogs recovered just fine.

It was a miracle of miracles.

Beading divas to the rescue helped Lizzie raise $11,300 by telling her story, asking for donations, receiving media coverage, and selling bracelets (her insurance kicked in and she paid $3,000).

The beading divas — Angy, Cynthia, Glenda, Karyn (I’m the wordsmith), Lizzie, Loren, and Michelle have stayed together, bonded, beaded, and sold around 400-450 bracelets  to give back and raise funds for greyhounds and other animal groups in need.

Read the story and donation history.

Thanks to all for your support. Buy a bracelet. Hug your hound or cat or whoever in life is precious to you.

Tucson Greyhound Injury Vet Bill–Paid! Plus… 2009/04/13

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The $14,300 vet bill is paid!

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. Through an amazing series of events, hard work, flawless cooperation, and unabashed gumption — the $14,300 vet bill for Tucson greyhounds Opal and Rider is now paid in full…and then some.

As we were nearing our goal, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mead said that she wanted to give back and help two Guam greyhounds get to the United States so we continued. Not only is the hit-and-run greyhound accident vet bill paid, but $1,164 is being donated to Greyhound Protection League to help two Guam greyhounds get to California so they can go on to lead the coveted couch potato lifestyle they so richly deserve after a harsh life on the track.

Lizzie’s hit-and-run accident happened October 20. In what is a terrible economic downturn, people from all over the United States and remote parts of the world reached into their pockets and gave their support in helping a Tucson woman and her two adopted greyhounds. Their story was universal. In the blink of an eye, it could happen to you, me, or any of us.

There are so many people to thank but the top dogs are really the six greyhound adopters – Angy, Cynthia, Michelle, Loren, Glenda, and Karyn, who reached out to help another greyhound adopter, and Lizzie, who had an amazingly upbeat attitude throughout.

Somewhere early on, it became evident that we needed to sell something for sustainable fundraising and Girl Scout cookies were already taken. Since Lizzie owns a small jewelry store on 4th Avenue, we decided to create one-of-a-kind bracelets made with donated beads, memory wire, and sterling silver greyhound fobs. These bracelets have been an amazing success.

Michelle Caillet hosted the bracelets on her Greyt Escape Etsy website and we sold 52 bracelets online, including one mailed to Australia. We were fortunate to participate in some popular events by selling the bracelets at the Arizona Animal Fair (thank you Desert Dog News and Greyt Escape), two large street fairs on 4th Avenue, Arizona Greyhound Rescue’s spring ROO, and St. Francis in the Foothill’s blessing of the animals.

All total (so far) we sold almost 200 bracelets at $20/each. Beads were donated by friends and friends of friends, from a Craig’s List ad requesting free beads, and from a bead store going out of business (Glenda got a big score!).

Our bracelet-making bees have been the most fun of all. Who knew we were all so artistic? They always involved food (mostly carbs), creativity, and ended on a hilarious note of beer/wine and naming the bracelets…Voo Doo You Love, Frog Prince?

The Etsy.com community, a Phoenix quilting group, and local artists also contributed items for sale that went directly to Lizzie’s Paypal when the items sold. Funds came from Paypal donations, personal checks, bracelet sales, and Lizzie’s insurance money.

The media helped legitimize our cause, and perfect strangers after reading the articles, dropped by Lizzie’s store to contribute generously. The Tucson Pet Sitting community helped get the word out.

There are just so many people who helped make it happen and transform Lizzie’s story into a happy ending sooner vs. later. In these hard times, happy endings are what we strive for.

Opal and Rider are doing well and have bounced back to happy and healthy beloved pets. Lizzie continues to have physical therapy on her elbow.

Since we have so many beads left over, Lizzie has decided to start her own etsy store called Lizziestardust.etsy.com (a work in progress) and continue to sell the bracelets both online and at her store – Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, Tucson and donate the proceeds to greyhounds in need.

While Lizzie was in the ambulance, Arizona Greyhound Rescue (Opal & Rider’s rescue group) orchestrated getting the dogs (luckily they were wearing I.D. tags) to the emergency vet within one hour of the hit-and-run accident. Lizzie’s goal is to donate the sale of the next 40 bracelets to AGR ($800).

Again, thank you to one and all for making this miracle of miracles happen.

Bookmark the blog. We’re going to keep updating it and post periodically with photos of new bracelets, fundraising news, greyhound news, and humorous vignettes about our greyhounds.

Quilt Auction for Greyhound Vet Bills 2009/03/10

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The Detail of the Quilt

Originally uploaded by Greyt Escape

Proceeds from this beautiful quilt go directly to pay the greyhound vet bills from Opal and Rider’s hit and run accident.

Check it out!

Greyhound Garden Quilt Fundraiser 2009/03/07

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Thanks to the Out to Lunch Quilt Bunch for donating this beautiful quilt to help raise money to pay Opal and Rider’s staggering veterinarian bills after the hit and run accident.

The quilt is called Greyhound Garden.

This photo doesn’t do it justice as the flowers are vibrantly colored and the back is a stone washed green and white pattern.

You can read about the accident and the miracles that ensued.

Thank you

Greyhound in ICU 2008/12/17

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His perfect little face was untouched

Originally uploaded by lacefullone

Here’s Rider at Tucson Pima Pet Clinic after the hit-and-run accident.

His spleen was removed and he had over 800 stitches.

Lizzie went to visit him every day and brought him home-cooked food. What’s a greyhound “mommy” to do? That probably was the best medicine for him.

Even with all his damages, his perfect little face was untouched.

Read about the accident.

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