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Beading Divas to the Rescue – On Vacation – July 2012 2012/07/01

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Beading Divas to the Rescue are taking a much needed break for the month of July.
There will be no bracelet sales online or at any of the local venues. If some sales slip by, the funds will be added to the August group, whoever that might be.

We’ll be back in August with a new charity and a new attitude or not.

In the meantime if you want to show us your favorite Beading Diva bracelets, send photos of bracelets on your wrist or dangling from the chandelier or whatever to karynzoldan@yahoo.com and tell us why you like your bracelet so much.

Stay cool!

Happy New Year from Beading Divas to the Rescue 2012/01/01

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Cheers to bracelets helping animal rescues

2011 kicked off with the finale of our Bead Drive. We cannot keep doing what we do — raise money for animal charities — unless you provide us with beads. We held a contest and the beads came from far and wide and even Canada. People have been most generous not only with the Bead Drive contest but throughout the year.

We love getting a phone call or an email saying that someone wishes to drop off old jewelry that can be taken apart and reused, beading supplies/tools, and BEADS!

So thank you to one and all who have been most generous.

People can always drop beads off at Silver Sea Jewelry located at 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954 or CataVinos Wine Shoppe, 3063 N. Alvernon Way, 323-3063 (thank you Yvonne). It’s a good idea to call first to ensure that the stores are open. For additional drop off venues or pick ups – call our message line – 520-955-9061 or email karynzoldan@yahoo.com

We have also been fortunate to have people make bracelets for us with their own bead stash and some of our beads. People like Noni Davis, Sandra Luckau, Joan Athey, and Naomi Kastler. I hope I’m not forgetting anyone!

In 2011, we raised money for:

January – Greyhounds of Verde Valley – $1,094

February – Greyhound Support Transport – $1,740 – GST won the Bead Drive Contest

March – HEART of Tucson Horse Rescue – $1,640

April – Animal Crusaders Arizona – $2,534 – benefited from 4th Avenue Street Fair sales

May – GREY2K USA Education Fund – $3,255 – they really pushed online sales

June – PACC Partners – $805 – the non-profit arm of PACC – went toward the Train to Adopt program

July – vacation

August – Tucson Wildlife Center – $1,905

September – Casa de los Gatos – $2,260

October – Arizona Greyhound Rescue – $1,760

November – Hope Animal Shelter – $1,760

December – Woofs without Roofs – $2,790


To read how we choose our animal charities and more, please view the FAQ page.

Buy bracelets to benefit Tucson Wildlife Center – August 2011 2011/08/24

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Eye Candy for your Wrist

Pretty in Pink

New bracelets have been added to Etsy.com and there’s still time in August to buy one or two or more bracelets to benefit Tucson Wildlife Center.

You can buy them online here

Bracelets cost $20 each (all goes to the charity) + $4 for S&H (online sales only)

You can buy them at Silver Sea Jewelry located at 330 N. 4th Avenue – 520-624-9954

Bracelets are one of a kind and one size fits most with easy coil on and off. They are all made with donated beads.

Not only are the bracelets beautiful but they benefit a different animal charity every month.

From now until the end of the month, Silver Sea Jewelry is also collecting some wishlist supplies for Tucson Wildlife Center. Check out the list here

(Photo is courtesy of Michelle Caillet)

Win Your 4-Legged Friend’s Name in Upcoming Mystery Novel – ends July 5 2011/07/04

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Of Mysteries, Mutts, & Greyhounds

TUCSON–How would you like for your pet’s name to be a character in a novel sold worldwide? Shamus-award winning author David Rosenfelt, local mystery bookstore Clues Unlimited, GREY2K USA, and the Humane Society of Southern Arizona are teaming up to offer a fantastic opportunity for your pet to be part of a page turner!

On Tues. July 5, Clues Unlimited will proudly host renowned author David Rosenfelt during the release of his latest installment in the Andy Carpenter series, One Dog Night. This special appearance will include a Q&A session, a free drawing to receive an autographed copy of One Night Dog, and the announcement of the winning pet character.

10% of the author’s book sales for the evening will be donated to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

You can purchase chances for your pet to be featured in Rosenfelt’s next novel at Clues Unlimited on July 5 until 7:15 p.m. and online until 3 p.m. EST. Best of all, proceeds will benefit homeless pets and further the mission to end dog racing nationwide.

Remember, South Tucson has a dog track and dogs race all sizzling summer long. There are no AZ Dept of Racing guidelines as to weather.

What: Animal rescue benefit and book signing for the release of David Rosenfelt’s One Dog Night

When: Tues. July 5 at 7 pm

Where: Clues Unlimited, 3146 E. Fort Lowell Rd. (southeast corner of Fort Lowell & Country Club) 520-326-8533

Why: Win the chance for your pet to be featured in an upcoming novel and help the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and GREY2K USA. Entry to win costs $5 for 1 chance, $10 for 3 chances or $20 for 10 chances.

This is a win-win-win as it supports a local book store, Clues Unlimited, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, and GREY2K USA.

See you there!

Tucson bracelet fundraiser June 2011 – PACC Partners 2011/06/01

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PACC Partners helped Oliver

For the month of June 2011, Beading Divas to the Rescue is proud to fund-raise for PACC Partners.

PACC Partners is an independent 501(c)3 charitable foundation dedicated to raising much needed funds to support the animals and outreach programs at Pima Animal Care Center in an effort to end euthanasia of adoptable companion animals in Pima County.

Since PACC Partners inception in mid 2009, they have been committed to providing the animals at Pima Animal Care Center supplies and items to enhance their lives and overall experience while being sheltered. Some of the exciting shelter enhancements are to offer the animals at PACC kennel enrichment aids such as Kongs and other interactive toys, martingale leashes and collar for all of the dog walkers to safely take each dog out for their daily walk.

PACC Partners also provides medical rehabilitation which is designed to assist in funding minor procedures for animals who are on the rescue list at PACC in order to make them adoptable. In the past year PACC Partners has funded almost $3,000 for dentals, minor surgeries, and wound repair which has enabled over 15 animals to be placed up for general adoption and to be adopted out at PACC into permanent loving homes.

PACC Partners also sponsored Pit Bull Spay and Neuter services this year and has already funded over 60 free sterilizations for low income families in need in an effort to reduce the communities over population problem.

Beading Divas to the Rescue bracelet sales will sponsor the “Train to Adopt” program. Train to Adopt was established in January 2011 when PACC Partners hired a full time trainer to work with some of the long term or problematic dogs at PACC in an effort to train them prior to adoption therefore making the dogs more adoptable. To date this program has been a huge success and has allowed many dogs the opportunity to show newly learned manners and find their forever homes.

In Tucson, you can buy one of a kind beaded bracelets made with donated at beads for $20 at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., 520-624-9954 or Dirty Dawgs Dog Wash, 2510 N. Campbell Ave., 770-6045.

You can also buy them online(add $4 for S&H).

HEART of Tucson horse rescue – bracelet fundraiser – March 2011 2011/03/01

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Picked up at Dog Patch

In order to get to know the groups that the Beading Divas raise money for, we ask them to share a story. This was submitted by a HEART of Tucson volunteer.

Raising  Lazarus
At the end  of July, HEART received a call about another horse found in the “Dog Patch”,  an area just to the east of the Tucson Airport.

The woman who reported it told  HEART there was a horse falling down and out on a road, perhaps colicing.

By the time HEART volunteers arrived, the  sheriff and an officer from the Animal Cruelty Task Force were already  there.  The woman who reported him found out where he came from and that  he had broken through a fence.  Walking around the property, they found  his water was green, full of algae.  His enclosure had barbed wire and  metal gates.  They looked around the property to see what he was being fed and found moldy corn stalks and also discovered they were giving  him beer.  The owners claimed to do so because he was colicing.

The  poor horse was drunk and stumbling.

He had wounds on his face and body,  which were a week or two old.  Bad scars were under his stomach The  people claimed the horse was not theirs and that they were keeping him for a  year.  The so-called owners gladly gave him up, and the sheriff gave  HEART the ok to take him,  so into the trailer he went.

When the horse was brought to the HEART facility, his temperature was 104  degrees.  A volunteer stayed up all night giving him Banamine and  kept applying water sheets to get his temperature down.

Since this horse  was so close to death, HEART thought they could bring this horse back to life,  so they decided to name him “Lazarus” after the biblical story of Jesus  raising Lazarus from the dead.

The next morning, Dr. Michael  Hutchinson came out and did a blood draw.  Lazarus was immediately put on  antibiotics and his facial and body wounds were treated with Vetericyn.

The next day, the results of his blood test were in — his white blood  cell count was at 1,000 (a healthy horse would be 12,000).  The vet was  very concerned because he couldn’t believe this horse was still alive.   They added Naxel shots twice per day, UlcerGard for the ulcers in his stomach,  and  a ‘rescue bucket’ of  equine senior, red cell, rice bran,  psyllium and electrolytes three times per day, plus alfalfa and bermuda  hay.

Lazarus’ demeanor was lethargic, but sweet.

A week later as he  started to get better, his energy level increased. Dr. Hutchinson had to leave  town, so did another blood draw before he left.  The next day HEART  got back the blood results and his white blood cell count was at 8,500!   The regimen of medicine and special diet continued. After only  three weeks, his scabs were off and his hair grew back. After six  weeks, you couldn’t even see signs of his ugly past on his skin.

Lazarus was  most recently used by John Lyons at the Southern Arizona Equine Expo in  January during one of his demonstrations.   He has since found a  wonderful new forever home on 40 acres in Sonoita.

Lazarus is truly a  black beauty!

Lazarus is black beauty!

We love a happy ending! Please buy a one-of-kind bracelet or three ($20 each). They make great gifts as they are made with beautiful donated beads and plenty of heart.

In Tucson, you can buy them at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue or Dirty Dawgs Dog Wash, 2510 N. Campbell Ave.

You can buy them online (add $3 shipping & handling).

If you’re the Arizona Animal Fair on March 5 at Reid Park from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can buy the bracelets directly from HEART of Tucson.

Tucson: Winner of the Bead Drive Contest Drawing is… 2011/01/09

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fabulous fund-raising divas

And the first-place winner of the Beading Divas Bead Drive Contest is:

Greyhound Support Transport – GST hauls retired racing greyhounds out of Florida where there are still 13 tracks and haul the dogs to non-racing states and Canada. Linda Lyman submitted the beads.

GST will be the recipient of our Feb. 2011 bracelet sales.

2nd place winner receives 6 bracelets to be used for fund-raising or volunteer appreciation. 2nd place winner is GREY2K USA Education Fund located in Mass. They advocate against greyhound racing and educate the public about how to help. Luann Strohmeyer submitted the beads.

Originally, we were going to choose one 3rd place winner but at the last minute chose three.  Each 3rd place winner can choose a bracelet in their favor colors.

The 3rd place winners are:

Tucson – Carol Ray (who happened to be present for the drawing)

Tucson – Christine Boucher

Colorado – Judy Greenfield

Congratulations to the winners!

Beads were submitted from 16 states, Washington D.C., and Canada. People gave from a strand of beads to a huge & heavy Rubbermaid container and everything in between. Thank you to all who donated beads!!!

Charities represented in the drawing:

12 greyhound charities

Cindy Hall hugs Beamer Greyhound

–American European Greyhound Alliance
–Arizona Greyhound Rescue
–Greyhound Adoption Florida
–Greyhound Adoption League Texas
–Greyhound Angels Adoption
–Greyhound Pets of America – Emerald Coast
–Greyhound Pets of America – NW (Idaho)
–Greyhound Support Transport
–Greyhounds 2 Go
–Grey2K USA Education Fund
–Homestretch Greyhound Rescue
–Southeastern Greyhound Adoption

2 humane societies
–Humane Society Southern Arizona
–Humane Society White Mountains

2 horse rescues
–Equine Voices
–Heart of Tucson

126 entries

2 cat rescues
–Casa de los Gatos
–Hermitage Cat Shelter

1 wildlife center
–Tucson Wildlife Center

2 sanctuaries
–Ironwood Pig Sanctuary in Marana
–Morning Starr Pet Rescue & Sanctuary in Cornville, Ariz

Other shelters & rescues

A customer and his dog Luna

In Tucson:
–Angels for Animals
–Hope Animal Shelter

in Los Angeles
–Bill Foundation – no-kill

5 breed specific charities:
–Adopt-a-Bull (pit bulls/mastiffs)
–Amazing Aussies
–New Hope Cattle Dogs
–Sahuaro Daschund Rescue
–So. Az Beagle Rescue

More guests outside

–Animal Emergency Care Fund – Tucson

Tucson Beading Divas: 4th Avenue Fair, Dec 10-12, buy bracelets 2010/12/07

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one-of-a-kind bracet for only $20

Are you going to the 4th Avenue Street Fair this weekend Dec. 10-12?

Update: We would like to thank the amazing response our bracelets received at the 4th Avenue Street Fair. Thank you to all who stopped by and bought and just picked up a card or said they would donate beads.

If yes, you will want to mosey over to the Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts booth (in front of 330 N. 4th Ave, next to Bison Witches Cafe) and check out the awesome jewelry and the Beading Divas’ bracelets for sale. This month these stunning beading bracelets made with DONATED BEADS benefit Animal Emergency Care Fund.

You can also drop off beads for the Beading Divas to the Rescue Bead Drive Contest. Check out the details. Help the Beading Divas to keep on helping animal charities in need.

Tucson: Bead Drive Contest Drop-off – Dirty Dawgs Dog Wash 2010/12/07

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Got beads?

Saffron gets her nails trimmed at Dirty Dawgs

The Bead Drive Contest is still going on until December 31 and you still have time to provide a generous gift of beads and a chance for your favorite animal charity to be the recipient of Feb. 2011 bracelet sales.

There are convenient drop off locations all over Tucson.

One such drop-off is  Dirty Dawgs located at 2510 N. Campbell Avenue.

You can self-wash your dog (a bonding experience) and Dirty Dawgs provides the shampoo, conditioning, towels, and grooming tools.

The owner, Rebecca, will provide  nail trim and grooming as well as dog accessories.

Dirty Dawgs also has Beading Divas to the Rescue bracelets for sale for $20.

For more info about the Bead Drive Contest, click here.  Please tell Rebecca you heard about her from the Beading Divas.

(photo: Loren Dawn)

Pay it forward: Animal Emergency Care Fund – Tucson 2010/12/01

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Inspiration for Animal Emergency Care Fund

Proceeds from December 2010 Beading Divas to the Rescue bracelets benefit Animal Emergency Care Fund, to help save the lives of Tucson’s pets.

AECF is a new 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity.

Here’s the story: From adversity comes love and a will to “pay it forward.”

A small cat named Chopper had a bad heart and was in danger of failing early in life.  Fortunately, Chopper was saved by an East Coast private foundation that assists pet owners with the high cost of veterinary care. Chopper was one lucky cat to find help in time to save his life.

Growing into a marvelous 14-pound cat, his owners are thankful for the time they had with this special guy.

Because of the kindness of that East Coast foundation, they formed  the Animal Emergency Care Fund  as a love story to their beloved cat.

The goal of Animal Emergency Care Fund is to help pet owners with the high and unexpected costs of emergency vet care, in order to keep families and their pets together longer.

Bracelets are one-of-a-kind, beaded, one size fits most and cost $20. All sales go to help the charity of the month. All beads are donated. Enter our bead drive contest now!  We cannot fund-raise without donated beads.

You can buy bracelets online via Etsy (please add $3 for S&H).

Or in Tucson at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue or Dirty Dawgs Dog Wash, 2510 N. Campbell Ave.

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