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Greyhound Injury Fundraiser-Fused Glass Jewelry 2009/02/11

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Thanks to the generosity of Luann from Island Bead & Box, buy any (or all) of these four items and Luann will donate the amount of your purchase (less shipping) to pay Opal and Rider’s outrageous $14,000 vet bill after their hit-and-run accident.

Pizzazz: The custom fused glass pendant looks good enough to eat or wear with a little black dress or black sweater and jeans. This pendant on a rope mixes bling with classic style.  (SOLD)

Pretty in pink and teal: Chain-link, layered dichroic fused-glass bracelet is about 7 1/2 inches long and can be shortened.  This is a sweetheart of a bracelet.

Zen Necklace: Traditional Japanese braid called a kumihimo made by hand in the traditional manner on a wooden marudai with eight spools. The necklace is made with ribbon fibers and beautiful lampwork beads made by Frysmith, a well-known lampwork artist.

What’s blue and yellow and fun all over? Whimsical freeform vase with accents on the outside. The vase is about 6-inches tall by 7-inches wide. Signed by the artist. (SOLD)

Luann’s fused-glass pieces are one-of-a-kind, designed and created by her. Fusing generally requires multiple firings, so these products take quite a while from inception to final product.  Basically, she cuts sheet glass to a design that she creates then uses a grinder to smooth the edges and to make pieces fit.  After cleaning, the pieces are assembled in a kiln for a first firing.  The second firing is to shape the piece, as a vase, plate, or whatever.  Additional firings are used for more complicated effects.

Thanks for helping to pay the greyhound injury vet bills.

Beads, Beads, Beads and Tucson Greyhounds 2009/01/30

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What do beads have to do with Tucson greyhounds?

Well, adopted greyhounds Opal and Rider suffered $14,000 worth of life-saving vet bills after a hit-and-run accident, and some fellow greyhound adopters and friends of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Mead are making one-of-a-kind beaded bracelets to raise funds to pay off the vet bill.

So far we have sold over 50 bracelets ($20/each) made from donated beads.

We know you’re out there with some unused beads tucked away in your drawers and closets.   It’s the cusp of the Tucson Gem Show and as you buy new baubles and beads, please consider filtering some of your old beads in our direction. Our bead coffers are getting low. We also accept memory wire for bracelets and animal fobs.

View bracelets for sale online.

Contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com to arrange pick up (in Tucson area).

You can read more about the hit-and-run accident here.

Read three news articles written about the accident.

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