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Beading Divas Fundraiser – Woofs without Roofs 2011/12/21

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bracelets helping animals

Makes a great gift

There are still some shopping days left and til the end of the year for some heartfelt gifts for animal lovers and glitz for the wrist.

Buy beautiful bracelets to help Woofs without Roofs providing veterinary services to pets belonging to Tucson’s homeless. In good times, there are homeless but in bad times like now, there are plenty of homeless, many families, many pets. Sometimes the bond of a pet is all people need (homeless need) to keep going.

Click on this blog post to find out where to buy the bracelets locally and online.

Bracelets cost $20, coil for easy on and off, made with donated beads, all come with a paw charm. Charming!

Happy Birthday Tucson Greyhound: Jett 2011/12/19

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Jett Greyhound

Is this how the Bee Gee's got started?

Written by Tucson greyhound Jett

Hey hound dogs and your love slaves…

Today is my birthday. Well, Happy Birthday to me! We’re gonna have a party, party.

I guess not. Those lyrics don’t apply to me.

Anyway I am to be 6 years young on December 19, 2011. Whoopeee! SIX!

I am one lucky dog or so my human Karyn reminds me. I am lucky because I survived greyhound racing. Unlike some of my would be friends and ancestors who break their legs and hocks, who are electrocuted, who have heart failure, who collide and tumble on the ground, and who are put to sleep which means they don’t wake up ever — yes, I am one lucky dog.

My human said that December 19 is special to her in another way too because in 2009, that was when the Phoenix Greyhound Park closed its doors forever. I raced there and then raced in Tucson too.

Yes, I am forever lucky.

I would like to thank Jenny at Greyhounds-2-Go who took me in and then let my Karyn adopt me. Four paws up to Jenny! Here’s a photo of Jenny at the Greyhound Fall Festival. One of her dogs broke her pelvis racing. That must have hurt really badly. The hound is fortunate that Jenny rescued her.

Hugs to Greyhounds-2-Go

Jenny rocks!

The top photo of me was taken at the school where I go sometimes. The teacher Ms. Vigo teaches a class on animal compassion and animal cruelty. Karyn tells them about dog racing and how to adopt a greyhound. The kids are fun and ask the best questions. Then we have a love fest.

In the top photo, the kids knew it was my birthday so one girl brought a party hat for me to wear. I also got some presents. The Bee was too big for my skinny head but I humored them. Somehow I cannot see myself as a bumble bee. Buzz off.

This next photo is Ms. Vigo and her class and me. It was a great day and I hope they keep inviting me back. I am happy to go to other schools and visit people who need cheering up. While I am kind and on my best behavior (I don’t mark in inappropriate places), I do not own a pet therapy vest.

Jett Greyhound visits the school.

Forgot my homework

It does appear that Karyn has invited some of her friends over on Monday so I just might be getting some dog treats. Jett Greyhound can never have enough dog treats.

My life is very interesting and have many canine friends visiting. More about that later.

What you see is what you Jett.

Love ya, the Jett-Setter

Woofs without Roofs – December charity 2011/12/17

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Helping the pets of Tucson's homeless

Beading Divas Fundraiser - Dec. 2011

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the 4th Avenue Street Fair last week and who bought a bracelet or several bracelets.

More bracelets have sold online but there are still 26 left for online sales.

Bracelets are also being sold at:

–Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954

–Sissy’s Pet Grooming Salon, 7350 N. La Cholla @ Ina (Albertsons shopping center)

PAWS Integrative Veterinary Center, 300 E. River Road, 888-7297

4th Avenue Fair – Bracelets Fundraiser – Woofs without Roofs 2011/12/08

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Here comes the sun

Bracelets benefit animal charities

Tucson–The 4th Avenue Fair happens December 9, 10, and 11. Let’s all focus on good weather, lots of crowds, and many sales for the 4th Avenue merchants and the visiting artists.

Update: On Friday Dec. 9 – 20 bracelets were sold = $400 – Let’s break that record on Sat. & Sun.

Check out us at the Silver Sea Jewelry booth which is north/caddy corner from Bison Witches Cafe (I recommend the delicious chili or hot soup in a bread bowl.)

Bracelets cost $20 and are all one-of-kind made with donated beads. They coil on for easy on and off. Bring cash or make a check payable to Woofs without Roofs. Bracelets make great gifts especially knowing that they help a cause like Woofs without Roofs which provides veterinary services to pets belonging to the homeless in Tucson.

Tucson Woofs without Roofs Bracelet Fundraiser 2011/12/02

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Helping the pets of Tucson's homeless

Beading Divas Fundraiser - Dec. 2011

December 2011 – Tucson Woofs without Roofs Bracelet Fundraiser

In the spirit of giving, Beading Divas to the Rescue chose Woofs without Roofs as our December charity. This 501 (c)3 organization provides veterinarian care to the pets belonging to Tucson’s homeless population.

The inspiration for Woofs without Roofs came about as veterinarians see pets affected daily by financial constraints not allowing for basic health services, such as core vaccines and internal parasite prevention. Woofs without Roofs believes that the pets of Tucson’s homeless community have a right to basic health care, and this in turn will promote health and wellness of the entire Tucson pet (and pet owner) community.

Since their inception they have served about 100 dogs and cats.

Why should the homeless have pets?

This is a controversial question as many would argue that it is a “luxury,” not a “right” to own a pet. It is not Woofs Without Roofs’ position to judge who owns a pet, but rather provide for the population that currently exists. Woofs without Roofs believe that the benefit of the human-animal bond is so important and profound, and this bond should not be excluded to the homeless.

What services are provided?

Thorough examinations, core vaccinations for dogs and cats (Rabies, Distemper-Parvovirus, Feline Rhinotracheitis/Calicivirus/Panleukopenia, Bordetella), heartworm testing/prevention and intestinal parasite prevention. Also coordinates referrals to low-cost/no-cost spay/neuter and emergency services. Additionally, we provide donated dog & cat food, supplies, bowls, bedding, etc.

How does the word reach the homeless?

Word-of-mouth is the most reliable way to spread the news about wellness events in the homeless community. Services are also provided at biannual homeless and veteran events, such at the Homeless Connect and Operation Stand Down. These events are advertised at various shelters in Tucson.

Where can the homeless find Woofs without Roofs?

A clinic happens the second Sunday of every month from 10 to -11:30 am at the Z-Mansion. During this time the Z-Mansion also provides breakfast and lunch to the homeless.

The next 3 dates are:
Sunday – December 11, 2011
Sunday – January 8, 2012
Sunday – February 12, 2012

The Z-Mansion is located at 288 N. Church Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701.

What can everyday people do to help Woofs without Roofs?

Donations of dog food, cat food, leashes, treats, collars, brushes, toys and bedding are all very helpful and go directly to those in need during our monthly clinics. Monetary donations go directly to the purchase of vaccines, heartworm tests and medications.

Woofs without Roofs is in its infancy but they are blown away and feel so thankful for the generosity of the Beading Divas, the volunteers, the Hill Family (owners of Z-Mansion), PAWS Veterinary Center, Jim Click, and the entire Tucson community.

You can buy bracelets at:
Silver Sea Jewelry – 330 N. 4th Avenue – (4th Avenue Shopping District) – 624-9954

Sissy’s Pet Grooming Salon – 7350 N. La Cholla (Albertsons Shopping Center @ Ina)

Online via Lizzie Stardust

Another location will be added soon.

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