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April is Adopt – a – Greyhound Month 2010/03/31

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Spirit the Tucson Greyhound

What are you waiting for?

Greyhounds make great pets.

Here’s a fun video from Cal the Greyhound.

10 Reasons to Adopt a Retired Racing Greyhound

1.    They truly know the meaning of retirement.
2.    They curl up to the size of a ball if they need to.
3.    They expand to the size of the entire bed if they want to.
4.    Now you can’t get out of that daily walk you promised your doctor.
5.    You can dress greyhounds up as reindeer for Christmas.
6.    Greyhounds are natural born interior decorators and love to rearrange your pillows.
7.    They’re bigger couch potatoes than you are.
8.    Now your husband no longer holds the title of flatulence king.
9.    You can’t confuse them with Labradoodles  (no offense to Labradoodles)
10.    Greyhounds are forever thankful for saving their lives.
For all things related to the Tucson greyhound, check out Arizona Greyhound Rescue.

For a list of greyhound rescues elsewhere, visit the Greyhound Project.

Happy Easter from Misty Greyhound and the Beading Divas, Tucson 2010/03/31

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Greyhound Playboy Bunny

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail hopping down the bunny trail.

Here’s come Misty the Greyhound adopted by Diva Angy.

I bet Misty gets a lot of Easter goodies suitable for dogs.

Last chance – Buy bracelets for Cold Wet Noses pet rescue Tucson 2010/03/27

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MimZy - adopted from Cold Wet Noses

There’s a few more days left in March for bracelet sales to benefit Cold Wet Noses.  In April we choose another charity.

Buy bracelets here.

Read more about Cold Wet Noses here.

Beading Diva Cynthia David adopted MimZy from Cold Wet Noses. MimZy lives with Harmony Greyhound.

4th Avenue Street Fair-Tucson fundraising bracelets for Cold Wet Noses 2010/03/17

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Bracelet sales benefit Cold Wet Noses

The 4th Avenue Street Fair is here – March 19-21. Stop by Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts store and booth at 330 N. 4th Avenue. Look for the red-haired mermaid in the window.

Buy one-of-a-kind handcrafted beaded bracelets made by Beading Divas to the Rescue and their friends. Bracelets cost $20.

In March, the sale of these bracelets will benefit Cold Wet Noses pet rescue in Tucson.

Cold Wet Noses rescues dogs on death row at Pima Animal Care Center (PACC). They are a small rescue with a big heart helping unwanted and discarded dogs who are hours away from death.

Greyhound Humor: Drama Queen Chews Favorite Red Purse 2010/03/17

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Lily greyhound chews a purse. Who me?


I chewed Mama Karyn’s favorite purse.

This didn’t happen recently but right before Christmas. However, this is the first time I have been able to sneak on the com-pu-ter.  Mama Karyn lives on the com-pu-ter. She has a whole secret life involving all these virtual friends that have never met me. Their loss.

Anyway I was so tired of that red purse, I consider my chewing it a public service. Karyn bought this faux red leather purse at Target about 10 years ago and she rarely throws anything away unless it’s broken. I did her a favor.

One night before Christmas there was an event in the ‘hood and Karyn asked Auntie Jean Rettus if she wanted to come too. Unfortunately, Jean is a witness to my crime. Karyn only took her keys not her purse and left it hanging on the doorknob in the hall. She has left her purse there many times when she goes for walks.

But this time, there was something in the purse that called my name, “Lily, come eat me!”, said the piece of peppermint bark. And I tried my best to follow that order.

You see Karyn went to Trader Joe’s that same morning after going to the dentist and they were sampling peppermint bark. She felt guilty about eating candy on the way home from the dentist so the Trader Joe’s person said to wrap up a piece for later. She put the piece in the front compartment of her purse. And there it sat, calling my name.

Karyn and Jean were only gone for about an hour and when she came back, she noticed the purse on my bed and I had chewed off some of the faux leather (yeck!) and broke the zipper to the front compartment. Karyn screamed, “OMG! You chewed my favorite purse! I cannot believe you chewed my purse!”  Jean was shocked. She said, “Good thing Laila and Lily are not friends because Lily would teach Laila bad habits.”  You bet I would!

Mama threw the purse in the trash can in bathroom. They sat down and ate dinner.

Sometimes Karyn closes the bathroom door and sometimes not. This night she didn’t and in the middle of the night, the candy in the purse was still calling my name. I snuck in the bathroom and further destroyed the purse but still couldn’t get to the candy. What a waste of my time and energy.

The next morning Karyn sees the further destroyed purse on my bed and then she remembers the candy. That selfish bitch extracts the candy and eats it in front of my very eyes. She says, “Yum, yum, yum. I love chocolate. Chocolate is not for doggies. So there.”   What a low blow.

She better not be leaving her new turquoise boots from Old Navy where I can get them or else she’ll be sorry.

Karyn had another purse in the closet which she dug out. It is ugly and made from boiled wool. Have you ever heard of anything so unappetizing?

Love you mean it!

Lily, a.k.a. Drama Queen

Buy bracelets for Tucson Cold Wet Noses dog rescue, foster a dog on death row 2010/03/07

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Mighty Mouse - Adopt Me!

Tucson Cold Wet Noses Fosters is a small group of individuals who take in the dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized on any given day from Pima Animal Care Center (PACC). The dogs are on this list due to illness, shyness or some issue that deems them unadoptable under PACC’s policies. Cold Wet Noses take them in, gets them well, socializes them and gets to know their needs and personalities so that the best match between dog and adopter can be made. CWN dogs come spayed or neutered, up to date on their vaccines and microchipped.

Cold Wet Noses does not have a facility. Our pets are spread throughout the city in people’s homes, hence, CWN is all about fostering dogs and adopting dogs. There is an adoption event every Sunday at the Petco on Broadway @ Craycroft from noon until 4 p.m where you can meet several foster dogs available for adoption.

There are young, middle aged and older dogs, some small dogs but mostly larger,hairy mutts. CWN is a non-profit organization and a bunch of dog lovers who are trying to help as many wayward furry souls as we can. Some of our dogs are special needs dogs meaning they may have some long term health issues (valley fever or arthritis for instance) or some personality quirk (shy or wary of men). We love each and every foster and consider them to be part of the family so will NOT adopt dogs who will be yard dogs only.

The more Cold Wet Noses can adopt, the more they can continue to save unwanted dogs on the brink of death at PACC.

CWN appreciates people who are willing to give their new pet a chance to adjust to their new home but we also want the right match for the two of you, so things are not working out, CWN reserves first rights to taking the dog back. (If you know of someone else who would love the dog, let CWN know.)

CWN will work with you to find the right dog. There is a 3-day adoption fee back trial period.

Thank you for adopting an orphaned pet and not buying one when there is such a need and so many discarded pets. A wagging tail awaits you.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Cold Wet Noses, please visit the website, http://www.TucsonColdWetNoses.com and complete a foster or adoption application.

If you cannot adopt or cannot foster, consider buying a bracelet or donating to Cold Wet Noses directly. You can buy bracelets at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue (624-9954) or at Desert Rose Homeopathics, 2501 E. Ft. (phone number).

If you’re not local to these Tucson locations, buy bracelets online via Etsy.com ($3 shipping & handling).

Tucson Fundraising Bracelets for Cold Wet Noses – March 2010 2010/03/03

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Fundraising bracelets for Cold Wet Noses - Tucson

This month we are going to donate the sales of bracelets to Cold Wet Noses, a pet rescue in Tucson.

We’ll share more information about them as soon as they provide it.

In the meantime, please visit their  website and stop by Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954. Or visit our Etsy.com page to buy bracelets online (+$3 shipping & handling).

Bracelets cost only $20. Bracelets are one-of-a-kind, coiled for easy on and off, one size fits most.

photo: Michelle Caillet

Greyhounds as Pets: Pillow, Blanket, Toy at Rest 2010/03/02

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Greyhound as beloved pet dog

I love this photo of Gordon. It captures the sweet nature of retired racing greyhounds who have endured despicable conditions during their racing careers.

He belongs to Cindy and Jeff.  Cindy is actively involved in greyhound rescue.

Belated Tucson Greyhound Valentines 2010/03/02

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Alysse & Beamer at La Encantada - Tucson

Written by Diva Glenda (Roja) Taylor

Valentine’s Day commemorates ‘love’- what a great opportunity for greyhound adopters and volunteers with Arizona Greyhound Rescue (AGR) to showcase ‘greyhound love.’

Six greyhound adopters with their fur companions – all wearing something red, did an informal meet and greet at La Encantada on Saturday, February 13, 2010: Marlene Fischer, Cynthia David, Karyn Zoldan, Diana Hansen, Loren Dawn and Glenda Taylor. We were pleased to introduce Tyme, a recent addition to the Greyt Hacienda from the Phoenix track, to the Tucson community.

Marlene picked up Tyme from the kennel on Friday for a sleep over. She gave Tyme a sponge bath, brushed his coat, and he was ready to meet the public the following day. He looked fabulous. Marlene has a cat and a Pomeranian and Tyme was a perfect gentleman. This dog is certainly small dog and cat friendly and very affectionate. He was a huge hit with shoppers and definitely loved the attention.

We passed out loads of valentine cards to shoppers with labels on the back giving the AGR  website as we chatted about what wonderful companions greyhound make, the closure of the Phoenix track, and the need for help to handle the influx of dogs we expect this year due to the track closure. We met several people that already had a greyhound and just love the breed. Marlene is a natural marketer. She is outgoing and friendly, has a gorgeous smile and was constantly surrounded by people who wanted to pet the dogs. As the shoppers were petting, Marlene was selling foster, adopt or donate. Way to go Marlene!

photo: by Loren Dawn

Greyhound Humor: Calgon, take me away 2010/03/02

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Where's the bubbles, daddy?

Those of us of a certain age may remember the TV commercial where a breathless woman bathes in a tub full of bubbles and whispers…”Calgon, take me away.”  It’s funny I can remember an old commercial but not where I put my glasses.

Dazzle the Greyhound likes to hang out in the tub (sans water).

Thanks to Joe Romack for sharing this funny photo with us.

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