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Tucson: Gordon Greyhound to the Rainbow Bridge 2012/07/27

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Sweet Gordon Greyhound

See you at the Rainbow Bridge

From Cindy Hall:
Gordon went to the Rainbow Bridge last night. He was bitten by a rattlesnake a couple weeks ago. Evidently that may have compromised his immune system and allowed an aggressive tumor to grow in his wrist. When he stopped eating and sleeping, we knew it was time for him to go.

Gordon was simply the best dog. From the day he arrived at our home, he was well-behaved and sweet. He tolerated countless dogs coming into our home — some for a few hours to cat-test, some to foster, and a few to eventually stay and share his home. He was an ‘ambassadog’ at career days, the JCC, meet and greet events. It is hard to imagine how many lives he brightened.

He was truly loved and will be missed.
Godspeed Go Go~

I met Gordon many years ago. He went to a greyhound event and his foster parents were unable to pick him up so he came home with me for a few hours. It was a really fun few hours as he discovered every single toy and played with them with the most gusto. He tossed them in the air and caught them and shook them and piled them up, hoarding them. Meanwhile my dogs just said, “huh?”

Gordon will always have a big spot in my heart. KZ

Here’s my favorite photo of Gordon.

Gordon loved toys

Gordon loved toys

R.I.P. Callie Rose 2012/07/16

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Callie to the Rainbow Bridge

Callie to the Rainbow Bridge

My brother and sister-in-law rescued Callie from the pound in Florida. She was one day away from her demise. While the other pound dogs ran to be petted, Callie did not. She shivered in her cage.

She came home with them and for the longest time was afraid of men. Poor Callie what kind of damaged life was she subject to before that?

I was fortunate to meet Callie on my visits to Florida. We’re a dog-loving family. Callie was always a tad cautious with me but never the less I was able to take her for walks and give her cookies when others could not get near her.

When my father died and we went to Ohio, Callie came too. She was a welcome hiccup in the day to day chores of dealing with death. I still remember her racing in the snow and the look of sheer joy on her sweet face.

I would sing her the Callie song:

I love my Callie, my little Gallie. I love my Callie, my little Pallie. I love my Callie, my little Callie. Please don’t take my Callie girl away.

Callie tolerated my singing.

And like with all our beloved pets, we cannot fathom that they will leave us. Callie suffered weak rear legs, coughing, and loss of bodily functions. One of the most difficult decisions we pet owners have to make is when to put our friends down. They at least can die with dignity unlike our parents who are kept alive in negligent nursing homes.

During my May visit to Florida, I was thrilled that Callie still wanted to walk around the block and still came to me for treats.

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge dear Callie. I loved you so.

Aunt Karyn

Tucson Beading Divas Celebrate and Do Brunch 2012/07/02

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Beading Divas do brunch

Beading Divas do brunch

Yesterday six of the original seven Beading Divas to the Rescue went to brunch at Shlomo & Vito’s Deli in Tucson.

We sat outside under the mist which was cool until it wasn’t.

The food was quite delicious and the service adept. I loved my scrambled eggs with lox & onions and latkes and toast. Their $5 Bloody Mary was spicy and potent. Clean plates abounded and everyone proclaimed their sandwiches tasty. I could’ve gone for an egg cream to polish off the meal but decided against it. And oh, those ginormous macaroons in the bakery case on the way out called my name but I kept walking. They were so tempting I could plotz. Now I wish for just a few sweet crumbs.

We noshed. We laughed. We gabbed. We gossiped. We talked about the future of Beading Divas to the Rescue.

We congratulated ourselves for RAISING $46,700 BY SELLING ONE TWENTY DOLLAR BRACELET AT TIME for worthy animal charities.

Divas pictured below (left to right): Glenda Taylor, Lizzie Mead, Loren Dawn, Karyn Zoldan, Cynthia David, and Michelle Caillet. Angy Shearer was absent.

Bracelets extraordinaire

Beading Diva secret handshake

Beading Divas to the Rescue – On Vacation – July 2012 2012/07/01

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Beading Divas to the Rescue are taking a much needed break for the month of July.
There will be no bracelet sales online or at any of the local venues. If some sales slip by, the funds will be added to the August group, whoever that might be.

We’ll be back in August with a new charity and a new attitude or not.

In the meantime if you want to show us your favorite Beading Diva bracelets, send photos of bracelets on your wrist or dangling from the chandelier or whatever to karynzoldan@yahoo.com and tell us why you like your bracelet so much.

Stay cool!

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