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Fundraising Ideas

The vet bill of $14,300 was paid in full. We used some of these fundraising ideas to raise the funds. Perhaps your organization can benefit from these ideas too:

We have greyhound injury postcards. Do you want to put them in your store or venue? Contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com

Link this blog from your MySpace page or FaceBook page or your website or your blog

Can you host an event? We can help you publicize the event. We are always looking for free to very inexpensive venues to sell bracelets for the various groups that we continue to raise funds for.

Here are some fund-raising ideas:

Spread the word to other pet lovers

Help us get the word out to the media for a human interest story

Tell the greyhound injury story on your blog

Put up a poster in your store or venue

If you have an idea or would like to help, please  email to: karynzoldan@yahoo.com and put “greyhounds” in the subject line or post a comment.

Thank you

Friends of Lizzie Mead – Angy, Cynthia, Glenda, Karyn, Michelle, and Loren


1. Glenda Taylor - 2008/11/11

Fabulous website. I can:

Send money to Compass Bank
Put up posters when they’re ready
Retrieve the Southwestern jacket from AGR if it did not sell at the reunion, and it can be placed at Lizzie’ store for sale
Send out the story of the accident to everyone I know when it’s ready to go
Talk to a coworker who is married to a musician to see what’s possible re: a concert

The pictures of Rider and Opal says it all. It’s amazing that these precious critters survived.

What about a poster geared to catching the jerk that caused this suffering? They could be posted around the community. Anyone with information could contact Lizzie or her designee and the information could be passed on to the police department? Is anyone at the police department assigned to this matter?


2. Lizzie - 2008/11/14

oooh….I would *love* to know who did this so some responsibility and justice could be had. How cowardly to run away when help was needed!
A witness said Opal ran right past the guy, and he did nothing to help.
So many people did help look for them, it was the best and the worst of people all at the same time…
That is a top notch idea, Glenda!

3. Angy - 2008/11/15

Think about it if 280 community members gave $50 to help with this horrible tragedy, it would cover the costs of all Opal and Rider’s vet bills.

The worse part is the coward that caused all this damage got away with it and Lizzie had to choose: SAVE HER DOGS AND GO INTO DEBT or let her dogs go. That is so unfair that she owes all this money because of someone else. I really hope they catch this guy and he goes to jail!

4. shirley sureck - 2008/11/23

Can you run a raffle for Opal & Ryder from this website? Please let me know any instructions you may have.
Thanking you kindly,

5. greyhoundsrule - 2008/11/24

This blog software doesn’t accommodate raffles. There are some people who are familar with ebay. Contact me at karynzoldan@yahoo.com and let me know what you have in mind. I will put you in touch with the person who knows ebay. We can link to the auction from here and put in a blog post.
Thanks for inquiring.

6. Susan Wagner - 2009/10/08

We are having a Natural Health Festival Sunday November 15, from 1-5.
Would you like to set up a booth and sell your bracelets for your cause. I spoke with some one earlier when the date was Oct 24th but it has been moved.

It will be held at Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. The cost is $25.00 for the booth and everything else is yours. The spring festival was a great succes.

I look for ward to hearing from you,

7. Melida Cristobal - 2010/05/23

Jan Ne Ka Sun: A former late night talk show host

8. Sylvie Janak - 2010/06/30

I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this!

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