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Proud Sponsor of Two Guam Greyhounds 2009/05/30

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After we raised the $14,300 for greyhounds Opal and Rider’s vet bills, we decided to sponsor two greyhounds from the Guam racetrack disaster.

Here are the two very special greyhounds:

Charlie Adore – 6.5 year old male

Stand Bright – 6.5 year old female

We’re thrilled these beautiful hounds will be California dreamin’ real soon.

Here’s a slideshow of Charlie and Stand Bright enjoying life.

Thank you to all greyhound advocates and adoption groups and GAIN for helping to give these Guam greyhounds a new lease on life.

Read the Guam greyhound story.

View the Guam slide show.

Greyhound Humor: Drama Queen Speaks 2009/05/30

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Sneaking Off with 5 Pounds of Treats

originally posted Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Yo, BFFs
 Today mama Karyn was rushing around like she always does and she ran out of the house. Bye Bye!

 The first thing I do when she leaves is see if she left any food on the counter. One time she left a ro-tis-ser-ie chicken. I ate most of it, bones and all.

Another time she left the but-ta dish. I knocked the but-ta dish to the ground and ate the but-ta. It was smooth. One time she left some smelly blue cheese on the counter. I took it and at that time Painter was still here and he ate the wrapping. We shared.

 I checked the counter but, no–there was nothing there.

But aha, silly me, she left the pantry door open. That is what I like to call a buffet.

I saw this big bag of treats and it called my name. When I eat treats, I like to take them to my dog bed in mama’s bedroom. So I huffed and puffed and huffed and puffed and carried the FIVE POUND BAG into the bedroom.

Rats! I could not open the bag. I couldn’t believe it.

She takes dental treats out of the bag so how come I couldn’t open the bag?

Then she came back. At first she didn’t notice but then she did and she LAUGHED really hard. I personally didn’t think it was that funny.
She gave me a dental treat. It was not exactly a happy ending.


Pins and Needles

(originally posted Wednesday, December 26th, 2007)

Yo, BFFs

My beautiful hind legs started to shake badly and mama Karyn was worried. She took me to see Dr. Forrer at Sunrise Pet Clinic. The first day they examined me. I screamed out when they touched something on my back.

The next time Dr. Janet stuck needles into me. It didn’t hurt and I was a brave girl except the last needle HURT SO BAD that I screamed aloud. OWIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

A few days passed and back we go for more. Dr. Janet is real nice and she has great treats but I’m still nervous. Mama Karyn told her that my back legs stopped shaking and that I was running around and digging up holes in the yard like my old self.

This time the needles go in and I did fine. She even put a needle in the re-nal me-ri-di-an which was a big OWIEEE last time and did not bother me this time. I laid down on the blankie and just relaxed, sort of. No biggie.

The vet tech and Dr. Janet and Karyn told me what a beautiful, brave girl I am.

I already knew that.

Love you. Mean it.  Lily a.k.a. Drama Queen

Dog-Friendly House for Sale in Marana, AZ 2009/05/27

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This is not a real estate blog but we’re always happy to give a little plug to a fellow greyhound adopter and hard-working volunteer.

The Marana property is a dog lover’s dream with separate fenced in areas, lots of green with plenty of room for a rousing volleyball game, a  2-story dog house and a fenced-in separate kennel area adjacent to the backyard. There’s also a dog door in the dining room. And a pool for people and dogs who like to swim, however, the hot tub is for people only.

Check it out for yourself and tell them you read about it here. Woof!

Fundraising: Beading Divas to the Rescue 2009/05/19

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This blog was created to raise money to pay greyhounds Opal and Rider’s $14,300 vet bill. The funds came through online donations, the greyhound and dog-loving community both in Tucson and across the globe. And through the sale of beautiful bracelets –mission accomplished!

Then we donated $1,164 to the Guam Greyhound Project through more donations and bracelet sales.

Then through the sale of bracelets only, we raised $1,165 for Arizona Greyhound Rescue, here in Tucson.

Since we have more beads and the desire to continue…we have decided to give ourselves a name — Beading Divas to the Rescue — and continue making bracelets for worthy causes.

Our next cause is Greyhound Support in Kansas. The money from the next 25 bracelets that we sell ($500) will go towards getting 5 senior greyhounds on a bus (or hauling vehicle) which will deliver them to adoption groups.

For now you can buy bracelets in Tucson ($20/each) at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954.  Or visit our Etsy store, LizzieStardust, which will have a good assortment of bracelets after Memorial Day.

We are: Diva Angy, Diva Cynthia, Diva Glenda, Diva Michelle, Diva Loren, and Diva Karyn

Contact karynzoldan@yahoo.com to donate beads, host a bracelet selling party, or for more info.

Welcome Greyhound Drama Queen 2009/05/19

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Yo  Bi-at-ches,

I am the Drama Queen.

But you may call me The Lily.

I will be pon-ti-fi-ca-ting from time to time. No, that’s not a bad word. I know all the bad words.

I hope you get to know me better. To know me is to love me. But don’t expect that in return.

Until next time…

The Lily, a.k.a. The Drama Queen

(This post was originally posted on Thursday, December 20, 2007, on another blog that disappeared-tsk, tsk; it will be resurrected here.) 

Friends of Greyhound Injury Fund Blog 2009/05/19

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We got by with a lot of help from our friends:

Angy Shearer – one of the extraordinary seven behind raising money for the vet bills and beyond; hosted the donated quilt on ebay.

Arizona Greyhound Rescue – coordinated getting injured Opal and Rider to the emergency vet within an hour

AWASA – Spread the word about the accident

Bernsen Arts – Donated a hand-painted beaded necklace to raise funds

Buckaroo Bones – Donated the sale of homemade dog biscuits to pay the vet bills

Bridge Marketing – Writes, promotes, and maintains this blog (pro bono)

Cynthia David – one of the extraordinary seven behind raising money for the vet bills and beyond; hosted many bracelet making “bees” and plies us with delicious carbs

Desert Dog News – Printed two stories about Lizzie Mead and her greyhounds and allowed us to share her booth at the Animal Fair

Glenda Taylor – one of the extraordinary seven behind raising money for the vet bills and beyond; scored a 50-pound box of beads from a bead store going out of business

Greyhounds of Fairhaven – donated $450 to the vet bills

Greyt Escape – hosted the Etsy store so we could sell the bracelets online which indeed we did

Island Bead and Box – donated stunning fused glass jewelryand a vase

Joan Athey – made at least a dozen beautiful bracelets and donated them to our cause

Karyn Zoldan – one of the extraordinary seven behind raising money for the vet bills and beyond; networked with other groups; contacted the media;  pushed hard

Kate Kaemerle – It was Kate’s brilliant idea to post on Craig’s List to find more free beads. Bingo!

Kindred Spirits Greyhound Adoption – donated $500 to pay the vet bill; have since been inspired to start their own fund in case any of their adopters needed a large sum of money for vet bills

K-9 Compassion – donated money to our cause

Kristen Cook AZ Daily Star reporter who mentioned our bracelet sales in her Shopaholic blog and gave the bracelet print column space in March 2009. That bit of print generated 18 Etsy sales in one weekend.

Lizzie (Elizabeth) Mead – The accident happened to her and her dogs. She had an amazingly upbeat attitude throughout the entire experience. What an inspiration. She taught the rest of the fundraising team how to make bracelets.

Loren Dawn – one of the extraordinary seven behind raising money for the vet bills and beyond; sold bracelets in her art studio during the Art Tour.

Michelle Caillet – one of the extraordinary seven behind raising money for the vet bills and beyond; the brains behind the Greyt Escape Etsy store which sold our bracelets (one went to Australia!); her photography excellence made our beautiful bracelets

Molly B’s Etsy store – The first Etsy store to host a piece of jewelry for sale and donate it to our cause.

Northcoast Greyhounds – donated to the vet bills

Nunn Better! Pet Care – Seneca helped get the word out to the Tucson petcare world and bought a bunch of bracelets too.

Paws-4-a-Cause – helped raise funds and awareness for the vet bill

Philadelphia Greyhound Connection – donated $350 to pay the vet bill

Ryn Gargulinski – The divine Ms. G., a reporter for the Tucson Citizen, wrote a great column about gratitude (the first press coverage after the accident). We thank you. Check out fun Ryn’s website.

San Diego Animal Advocates – donated money to pay the vet bill

Sekhmets Treasures – An Etsy.com store that donated a necklace to help pay the vet bill

Silver Sea Jewelry – Buy fundraising bracelets here; 330 N. 4th Avenue (next to Bison Witches restaurant); 624-9954

T K Jewelry Design – An Etsy.com store that donated some beautiful jewelry for our cause which has not sold yet

Tucson Petcare Network – graciously helped get the word out about our fundraising efforts

Tucson Pet Sitter – graciously helped get the word out about our fundraising efforts

Accepting Blondie 2009/05/18

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It was Blondie’s time to go into foster care until the right adopter came along. Still wobbly from the anesthetic after being spayed, Blondie zig zagged from the vet’s office to my car. A quick hoist, and she was settled in the back of the car and we headed for home.

I pulled into the garage and immediately heard barking coming from the house. How nice, they are anxious to meet their new friend. After all, I’ve been telling them about their new roommate for a couple of days. Hardly, they are ready for dinner and letting me know that I’m late. I opened the door to the kitchen and my three burst into the garage and performed the usual routine of chasing each other around the car a few times before thrusting their bodies against mine demanding attention, and I obliged.

The back windows in the car were down and my greyhound, Beamer, was the first to spot the pretty blond grey in the back of the car. Beamer’s paws hit the side of the car and linked noses with Blondie. I could tell from Beamer’s tail whipping back and forth that he was delighted.

Once my three settled down, I opened the back of the car, lifted Blondie onto the ground and guided her into the house and straight through the doggie door, with three fur balls following behind. 

This is what I think I heard: 

Beamer:         Hey, it’s a greyhound and a girl – way to go Mom. 

Ice:                  Oh my God, another dog that I have to train that I’m the boss around here. 

Daisie:            I hope she’s not bossy, you know how I hate that. Do we live in a doggie motel? One goes out the front door and another arrives through the garage.

 Beamer:         Quit whining you two. It’s a greyhound and that’s all that matters to me. 

Daisie:            Good, now you can stop nipping my neck and nip hers – and I hope she lets you have it – you’re such a pest when you do that.

 Blondie:          The goof ball greyhound is already an ally. My gentle nature will appeal to Daisie, and my charming personality and good looks will let Ice think he’s in charge. All I have to do is schmooze the Mom so that I can ascend to my natural throne of princess. This is such an easy gig. Female greys rule!  

Mom:              I’m hooked.

I’m Beamer, the greyhound 2009/05/17

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I’m a gorgeous brindle boy called Beamer. I spout my Roo from my own couch.  I have stories to tell about all the foster greyhounds Mom has brought home and I’ve had to train, with no extra treats for me. There should be a greyhound union.   Stay tuned for the inside scoop on how we greyhounds talk to each other – yes, we talk, but you have to be atuned to the ancient languge of ROO to get it – so stay tuned!

Tucson Event: Wine, Jewelry, Greyhounds 2009/05/02

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Jewelry Show and Wine Tasting, 5 to 8 p.m.

CataVinos Wine Shoppe will have a jewelry show/wine tasting on Tuesday, May 5 (a more refined Cinco de Mayo event) featuring Tuareg jewelry from South Africa plus guest artists from Tucson including accessories for a cause – one of a kind beaded bracelets for greyhounds in need. In this case, Arizona Greyhound Rescue

All of the work is very impressive and beautiful yet reasonably priced. Beaded bracelets for greyhounds cost $20/each. Cash is accepted or make your check payable to Arizona Greyhound Rescue.

Come sample wine ($10 for 6 tastes plus nibbles). No wine is over $15/bottle. Browse and buy jewelry. Remember Mother’s Day is May 10.

Thank you to CataVinos for letting us bring our bracelets.

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