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Tucson Beading Divas Celebrate and Do Brunch 2012/07/02

Posted by greyhoundsrule in Beading Divas to the Rescue.
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Beading Divas do brunch

Beading Divas do brunch

Yesterday six of the original seven Beading Divas to the Rescue went to brunch at Shlomo & Vito’s Deli in Tucson.

We sat outside under the mist which was cool until it wasn’t.

The food was quite delicious and the service adept. I loved my scrambled eggs with lox & onions and latkes and toast. Their $5 Bloody Mary was spicy and potent. Clean plates abounded and everyone proclaimed their sandwiches tasty. I could’ve gone for an egg cream to polish off the meal but decided against it. And oh, those ginormous macaroons in the bakery case on the way out called my name but I kept walking. They were so tempting I could plotz. Now I wish for just a few sweet crumbs.

We noshed. We laughed. We gabbed. We gossiped. We talked about the future of Beading Divas to the Rescue.

We congratulated ourselves for RAISING $46,700 BY SELLING ONE TWENTY DOLLAR BRACELET AT TIME for worthy animal charities.

Divas pictured below (left to right): Glenda Taylor, Lizzie Mead, Loren Dawn, Karyn Zoldan, Cynthia David, and Michelle Caillet. Angy Shearer was absent.

Bracelets extraordinaire

Beading Diva secret handshake



1. Psyd - 2012/07/02

Oh, you -had- to remind me of the macaroons…

2. Mel Arledge Greenberg - 2012/07/02

So glad you enjoyed your experience yesterday. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

3. Anonymous - 2012/07/02

Divas do deli at the best place in town!

4. Glenda Taylor, - 2012/07/02

A Reuben sandwich is one of my favorites. Schlomo and Vito prepare and serve one of the best Rueben’s I’ve ever encountered. Thinly sliced, sumptuous corn beef, with a thin layer of sauerkraut and two side dishes is visually mind-blowing. However, this restaurant has a policy of automatically adding an 18% tip to each bill. I find this presumptuous. Tipping is for quality food and excellent service. I would recommend that Schlomo and Vito reassess their tipping policy.

5. Michelle Dominguez Caillet - 2012/07/02

I love Shlomo & Vitos. I tried to be good and ordered an omlet for brunch…and have been salivating over the idea of their cheese fries with pastrami ever since. Must go back! And yes, the macaroon was worth every calorie…..I enjoyed their food, service and friendly atmosphere & recommend that you all head over for some great fun & food!

6. Diva Cynthia - 2012/07/03

Shoulda got the cheesecake, next time for sure.

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