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Rainbow Bridge: KiKi – 5 year old Doberman 2012/03/30

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Please Support The Morris Animal Foundation Canine Cancer Campaign ~ http://www.curecaninecancer.org/

From Chuck & Mary Danielian

“We adopted Kiki from Doberman Rescue at age one. She immediately taught her two older adopted brothers the Dobie Rules – the female is the boss. She was a universal blood donor at the Collier County Emergency Pet Hospital and saved the lives of many a family pet. Her bone cancer was discovered during a routine X-ray when she started favoring her right hind leg. We had made up our minds that she had come into this world, whole, and she would pass to the Rainbow Bridge the same way. We were not going to put her through an amputation and chemo. She spent six more quality weeks with us in home hospice before we had to decide it was time. She left us at the tender age of five. She was so loved – she is so missed.”

Here’s a beautiful tribute video.

Our hearts go out to the Danielian family. It is so hard to lose a canine loved one especially at such a young age — Beading Divas to the Rescue


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