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Run Free Annie, Tucson Greyhound, Happy Hound 2013/09/01

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Diva Annie

Diva Annie

Annie was part of the Beading Divas’ extended family.

(written by Jerry Tucker)

Annie…. crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 22nd, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.

Little Annie (the bananie) brought us great joy and taught us so much during her short 8 years with us.

She had to leave us on August 22nd after an unexpected, major surgery and kidney failure at 10 years of age.

Annie was a very special part of our family. She will never be gone from our memories. The love and good times we shared will always be in our hearts.

She came to us October 19, 2005. We met her at the kennel where she had recently arrived from the track. It was instant love with her bouncy, happy, enthusiasm. When we got her home we began to find that she had some fears probably caused by the treatment at the track.

In addition to a general caution of people, she had a fear of the dark. When night came, she would to into her kennel and not come out until daylight. After weeks of working with her, she finally would go out before going to bed for the night…but was frightened of the moon. A few more weeks and she became more trusting …but forever checked the sky when we walked.

Annie was the fastest, most beautiful runner of all our past greyhounds. She loved to run… in the house, in a fence yard—any place. Her favorite antic was to run at full speed toward me and make a quick head fake and turn from a imminent collision at the last minute passing by with a smile on her face.

Annie was also the smartest greyhound we ever had…she NEVER forgot anything or anyone. Something frightened her— never do that again. Someone not kind— avoid. Something not taste right—don’t eat that again. Something causes her pain or discomfort—avoid that situation.

Although shy, she would cautiously warm up to people and other dogs. However, her favorite “dogs friends” were greyt “brother” Mahalo (who misses her very much) and Opa (Greyt Escape).

She loved going to Greyt Escape where she was free to play with Opa, Riley and the others. Happiness, joy and enthusiasm were always in her heart.

Of course, Kathy and I… miss her greatly, but know she has joined Baxter, Bessie and Zoola in that great place where loved ones go when they leave us.


Annie was often at the Beading “bees” which are held at Greyt Escape. She was just the sweetest girl gently nudging for pets. We will miss this dark brindle beauty’s gentle presence.

Was Annie a Diva or just channeling Carol Channing?

Tucson Greyhound: Jett’s Gotcha Day 2011/08/14

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The following is written by Jett Greyhound, the Jett-setter

Friday – August 12 – was my “gotcha” day.  I’m not sure what that means but my human Karyn seemed all excited about it when she picked me up at The Greyt Escape. I didn’t get any presents or  special treats though. She kept saying happy happy “gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.”

I have been living in this crazy household for one year and it sure beats a crate at the dog track.

I can sleep all day and I get to eat really good food and treats.

My human loves on me and this house is my bed.  I sleep on the dog beds, the human bed, the sofa, and the bed on the patio.  It’s all mine but sometimes I share.

Not only do I get two-legged visitors but lots of four-legged visitors.

My favorite four-legged visitor is Donut. She is sweet. We love on each other and sometimes she lays on my dog bed while I’m on it too!  I like Donut so much that sometimes she lays on the human bed with Karyn and there’s no space for me. That’s okay as I lay nearby. I am a gentleman.

Tucson greyhounds

Freckled Friends - Jett & Donut

Donut and her human and me and my human take long walks and hang out. Donut is sweet. Once she visited for four days without her human and life was just about perfect.

Another friend is Carter.  He came last year before he got adopted and he was a cool dude.  Then he got lost and my human was out of her mind looking for him. (She didn’t lose him.)   Then he got found and came to visit with his human. It was good to see him.  Then he just came again for 12 days to stay with us. We are good buddies. My human loves Carter very much. He loves to play with my toys and so I let him.

Tucson greyhound

Cozy Carter

A few weeks ago this all white dude named Petey stayed here. He was just off the dog track and being neutered. He’s all white with some freckles. We love freckles. Petey was fun. My human fell in love with Petey or so she said. I heard he got adopted by a nice family and that makes me happy.

Tucson greyhound

Go Petey!

Then there is Saffron. Her human and my human are friends too. Saffron is a bit of an older woman but very kind. I went to visit her at her new house which is closer to mine so I’m sure we will become better pals.

Tucson greyhound

Seductive Saffron

One day I went to visit someone who had an older greyhound named Harmony (she flirted with me) and a small dog Mimzy who was the boss of us all.  And on two separate occasions other dogs stayed a short while – Torque who marked everything and  Daisy who growled at me.

So as you can see I am a popular boy dog and have friends too.

Life is good. I hope that every greyhound dog has the chance to live a wonderful life like me.  And happy “gotcha” to you too.

(Photos courtesy of Loren Dawn, John Clark, and Karyn Zoldan, not in that order.)

Greyhound Humor: Incorrigible 2009/12/20

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Lily Greyhound

Drama Queen chills out

I am in-cor-ri-gi-ble. Mama Karyn always say that to me.

Here’s the story.

You know I turned 12 on October 20 and I did not have a birthday party like I usually do.  Mama Karyn said she was busy with a big fundraising event and then there was the remodel and so my day came and went relatively unnoticed. I did get a beautiful collar from Greyt Escape and a peanut butter Kong but no real frivolity.

Mama Karyn said my party is coming.  I’m still waiting for my tiara and to fawned over by friends.

I am in-cor-ri-gi-ble because I still chew stuff. Yep, that’s my hobby. Some hounds like to dig holes or do agility but I excel at chewing stuff.

What have I chewed or destroyed lately?

  • Poop bags but there was no poop in them
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • Lots of paper – Karyn has so much paper in her office that she’s not going to miss anything that I’ve chewed or so she is hoping. One day I swept everything off her desk including her clock. Why? Because I could.
  • I take stuff out of wastebaskets and spread it around the house sort of like confetti on New Year’s Day.
  • One day she left the pantry open and I ate these funky dog biscuits; they were stale. I ate them anyway.
  • Sandee’s pantie liner – Karyn said that was too kinky and don’t talk about that in public.

She just bought these cool turquoise boots and I know she is going to be out-to-lunch in a hurry one day and then I’ll have my way with them.

Mama Karyn is so dumb sometimes. She comes home and obviously the place is a mess because I was busy messing it up and she says, “Did you do this?”  Duh.  Who does she think did it – the boogie man? I usually look her in the eye and wag my tail and walk away.

Other than being in-cor-ri-gi-ble, life is great here.

Love you, mean it

Ta Ta for now

Lily aka Drama Queen

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