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In Memoriam-Yuma, a Tucson Greyhound, 7/20/99 – 8/13/13 2013/09/01

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Anne Marie's heart girl

Anne Marie’s heart girl

Yuma is part of the Beading Divas’ extended family.

(written by Anne Marie King)


Jet black when she came into our lives, Yuma and I grayed together over the 9 years we were blessed to have her. She was a racing champion (unfortunately!) and so was raced until 5.

We already had a handsome black boy, Poseidon (our first greyhound), and were looking for a sister for him after having lost his cocker spaniel companion.

I vividly remember bringing Poseidon to the kennel to meet Yuma – such a beautiful, sweet, shy girl. It was love at first sight for all of us. I always wished Yuma could have told us about her life before we met her.

She never got over her skittishness around noise & commotion (of which we had plenty, being a household with 2 young children), although she slowly stopped being shy around us and other people. Yuma and Poseidon were fast friends and playmates until we lost Poseidon in 2007. Stuffies and squeakies were a favorite for both hounds.

Yuma was truly my “heart girl.” She was my sweet, loving, shadow-companion, always there to comfort me when she knew I needed it. She would come up to me, bow her head and rest the top of her head against my leg – and stay there as long as I needed to pet and cuddle her to feel better. I only hope she knows how very special and loved she is. I truly have never met a gentler, sweeter soul than our Yuma.

If only we humans could learn to be as accepting and loving as our furry friends – wouldn’t the world be that much nicer…

Run free, my beautiful girl – we miss you more than we can possibly express.

Mommy, Daddy, John, Gracie & Tara Blue

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