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R.I.P. Virginia, Tucson Greyhound, Beloved Pet 2013/09/01

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Beloved Virginia

Beloved Virginia

Virginia was part of the Beading Divas’ extended family. She left planet earth at the ripe old age of 14 1/2

(written by Genie Galina)

The first morning after Virginia spent a terrified first night with us, I walked into the kitchen and she had accidentally put her head in a large, empty cereal container left on the counter for recycling.

She looked hysterically funny, and I think she was in shock. She was still terrified of us so she tried to get away from me, knocking into walls, until I caught up with her and removed the box.

I think that was the first time she truly looked into my eyes (and soul) and I could really see her beauty. Although she remained terrified for a while, that was the day that she and I bonded.


Virginia lived with Wolfe who went to the Rainbow Bridge. Then Wiggles came into their lives. She lived with and was loved by Genie Galina and Steve Mehlman. Black is indeed beautiful.


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