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Beading Divas Fundraiser – Woofs without Roofs 2011/12/21

Posted by greyhoundsrule in Beading Divas to the Rescue, Fundraising.
bracelets helping animals

Makes a great gift

There are still some shopping days left and til the end of the year for some heartfelt gifts for animal lovers and glitz for the wrist.

Buy beautiful bracelets to help Woofs without Roofs providing veterinary services to pets belonging to Tucson’s homeless. In good times, there are homeless but in bad times like now, there are plenty of homeless, many families, many pets. Sometimes the bond of a pet is all people need (homeless need) to keep going.

Click on this blog post to find out where to buy the bracelets locally and online.

Bracelets cost $20, coil for easy on and off, made with donated beads, all come with a paw charm. Charming!


1. Kate K - 2011/12/21

These make the best gifts ever. They’re beautiful and fun, people love getting them which makes them a wonderful gift to give!

The women I’ve given them to have told me they get lots of compliments whenever they wear them too. That never hurts!

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[…] bracelets come with a “paw” charm. The bracelets cost $20 and the entire amount goes to Woofs without Roofs for December. At the 4th Avenue Street Fair, $1,260 worth of bracelets sold! But the month is not […]

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