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Fundraising bracelets for Tucson ferrets in Feb. 2010/02/02

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Buy bracelets for Tucson ferrets

About Ferret Friends, Inc:

Ferrets come to the organization in various ways: found loose on the street, left behind when people move, found in dumpsters, found in a carrier left behind at a park, etc.

People contact Ferret Friends because: they’re pregnant, going to college, moving, being deployed, lost their job, allergic, had a baby, don’t have the time anymore, the kids lost interest, they smell, can’t afford the vet bills, etc. Most of the animals surrendered are happy good-natured, friendly pets.

However, some have experienced abuse and starvation. Those ferrets can be with the organization for extended periods of time and are rehabilitated once they understand that humans are a good thing.

Ferret Friends is no-kill rescue and also serves as a hospice for many aged and diseased ferrets. In such cases the ferrets die in our homes and in our arms. Ferrets are only euthanized when the ferret’s health/comfort dictates. Ferrets can live to be 6, 8, or occasionally more years if they have a good quality of life. Some ferrets pass away starting at about 4 years old. Often the reason that ferrets are unhealthy is because they’ve been fed inappropriately, usually cheap cat food. Ferret friends is also contacted by the Humane Society and PACC.
Ferret Friends is in desperate need of foster homes. Ferrets just don’t have the media exposure and popular following  that cats and dogs do. They are extremely high maintenance pets. Ferret Friends is also looking for volunteers with website and merchandising skills to help the group sell cages, bedding, and all the other ferret items that are donated.

Please support Tucson ferret rescue.

You can buy bracelets at Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Ave., 624-9954. Bracelets cost $20 and all Feb. sales benefit Ferret Friends.

You can also buy bracelets online after Feb. 7 where they will be more of selection. There’s a $3 shipping & handling charge.


1. Diva Roja - 2010/02/03

Ferret Friends is a small volunteer group that is constantly overloaded with these cute furry critters trying to find them responsible homes. Much like dogs and cats that are neglected or dumped, ferrets often need medical intervention once rescued to bring them back to good health, and this costs money. Most of the time, Ferret Friends volunteers absorb the medical costs.
Please help this group by buying one of our fabulous unique beaded bracelets. 100% of the funds will be donated to Ferret Friends and they sure need the help.

2. Buy bracelets at Tucson Animal Fair – Feb. 2010 – Help Ferrets « Greyhound Injury Fund Blog - 2010/02/18

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