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And the winner is…Bead Drive 2015 2015/03/14

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just who are those Divas?

Beading Divas minus one

UPDATE: ROAR did accept our invitation to be the May recipient.

UPDATE: We found Jan P. and she chose ROAR – Rescue Operation for Animals of the Reservation. We will be contacting them Monday AM (via phone + email) to explain what we do and determine if they want to be our fundraising recipient for May. The chosen group also has to participate in the promotion and provide stories, photos, and laminated posters for point of purchase at Tucson venues. They will have 72 hours to respond.

And the winner is…this is where it gets complicated…

There are two rescues with the same acronym so we are trying to contact the person who submitted the name. Jan P. from Tucson chose that group. She apparently doesn’t have voicemail. If we can’t reach her by noon on Monday (3/16) then we will go to envelope #2 which is now sealed and not even any of the Beading Divas know what charity is in that envelope.

If we do reach Ms. P. and she gives us the correct charity, we will contact that charity and give them 72 hours to accept our offer to fund-raise for them in May. If they don’t respond or turn us down (it happens), we’ll open envelope #2 which is now sealed and will contact that charity, giving them 72 hours to respond.

If no response from #2, we’ll go to envelope #3 which is now sealed and hope they want us to fund-raise for them. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Now a word about the entries and other prizes:
38 different groups were represented; all will be added to our consideration pool. Entries are listed by how many entries they had:

Multiple entries
24 – SA Greys
6 – Hope Animal Shelter
6 – TCWN
4 – HSSA (winner 2013)
4- Pawsitively Cats
3 – Greyhound Support Transport/Sun State Adoption (FL) (winner in 2011)
3 – Handi-Dogs
3 – Gabriel’s Angels
3 – Frosted Faces Foundation (San Diego)
2 – Pima Paws for Life
2 – Mostly Cockers & Poms
2 – Hermitage Cat Shelter
2 – PACC Pima Animal Care Center

1 entry
–Miss Maggie May’s Rescue
–Smiling Dog Rescue
–pit bull rescue
–Animal Crusaders of Arizona
–Arizona Greyhound Rescue
–Arizona Chihuahua Rescue
–D-S Rescue
–Equine Voices
–Amazing Aussies of Arizona
–Spay & Neuter Solutions
–Paws Patrol of Green Valley
–Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

1 entry from not in Arizona
–Tri City Animal Sanctuary (TX)
–Grey Rescue of Idaho
–GPA-Cape Giradeau (MO)
–GALT – Greyhound Adoption League Texas
–Tri State Bloodhound Rescue (Texas)
–Rotts of Friends (Woodland, CA)
–Grey Long (KS)
–Gods Greys (Orlando)
–Elite Greyhounds of Loxahatchee FL
–Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas
–GreySave (So Cal)
–WRAP – Whippet Rescue & Placement (IN headquarters/nationwide)

bracelets that pop

a tale of two bracelets

1st Place Winner:
Random drawing from entries received. One 501c3 animal charity will be chosen as the recipient for May 2015 bracelet fundraising.
Winner: TBD…

2nd Place Winner:
Random drawing from entries receives. One 501 c3 animal charity will be chosen to receive 3 bracelets to be used as fundraising or volunteer appreciation.
Winner: SA Greys – Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption

Additional Prizes:
–3 Wild Card Drawings:

Each random winner receives 1 bracelet in their choice of colors
Winners: Sue Bergier, Kate Monteverde, Mary Ann Neisz

–Surprise! Drawing:
Donations received from outside Arizona will be included in a special random drawing. Winner receives 3 bracelets for their chosen animal charity to be used for fundraising or volunteer appreciation.
Winner: Whippet Rescue and Placement – WRAP (headquarters in Indiana)

–Traveling Treasures Drawing:
The bead donation package that was sent the furthest distance will receive 1 bracelet in their choice of colors. Bead donations in this category were from different places in FL, NY, MD, and NH.
Winner: Judy Henneke – New Boston, New Hampshire 03070 – 2,659,02 miles

Hal-e-LOOT-ya Drawing:
Biggest single bead donation received: Winner will receive a bracelet in their choice of colors.
Joan Smith – donated the biggest single bead donation (HSSA) at the Screamery!

Beading Divas to the Rescue would like to thank everyone for their participation including our Bead Drive donation drop-off partners, EVERYONE WHO DONATED BEADS, the cast of creative characters who make bracelets, our fellow Beading Divas for the tasty repast we sampled during the drawing, people who came to our drawing happening. It takes a village to do what we do and we thank everyone who is a part of it.

Eat more pie

National Pie Day

P.S. Karyn Zoldan won the fabulous pie from Food from Ascension Café in the 4th Avenue Shopping District. She graciously shared it with all who were present. Yum.

Beading Divas: Michelle, Cynthia, Angy, Loren, Lizzie, Glenda, Karyn


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