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Blind Abyssinian kitten saved by Hermitage Cat Shelter 2014/04/12

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saved by Hermitage Cat Shelter

saved by Hermitage Cat Shelter

written by Hermitage Cat Shelter – April Beading Divas bracelet fundraiser recipient

Let’s talk about a day that started like any other. November 7, 2013. In northeast Tucson, a litter of purebred Abyssinians is born. Nine kittens in all (a large litter for a cat!). Five boys, four girls. Mom was doing well and nurturing her kittens as well as any new mother.

As time passed, though, one kitten in the litter was noticeably smaller than the others. She was cream colored—one of the most desirable new traits in Abyssinian cats. The owner of the litter had hoped for such a prized possession. Surely, this one will bring a high price.

Days went by, then weeks. As each little angel opened its eyes to the world for the very first time, they all began exploring and causing the kind of ruckus that would be expected of such a large group of kittens. Our little cream kitten, however, proved to be more special than first thought.

As her eyelids opened, it was revealed that she didn’t have any eyes at all. Small, sightless orbs were present, with no hope of attaining vision.

I think you know where this story is headed. That sweet little kitten with the prized coat color could not provide the breeder with what she had hoped for after all. As a matter of fact, she could provide her with none of it.

Off to PACC she was taken, to be humanely euthanized for being imperfect.

We at The Hermitage rescue hundreds of PACC cats that nobody wants.

The adoption coordinator at PACC knew immediately what to do. While our staff was rescuing other cats whose lives would have ended that day, our little Abyssinian kitten was placed in a box carrier and shuffled in with the other rescue cats.
Counting heads, as I do, when the cats come back from PACC, I said, “Everyone is accounted for. But who is in this box?” The look on everyone’s faces was priceless. Of course they didn’t know the answer. This little angel had just one chance to make it out alive and the decision had been made to take that chance.

I said, “The box doesn’t even weigh anything. What could be inside?” Oh, you cannot imagine the hearts that melted the moment I lifted our little sightless kitten into my arms! Then came the head butt that left no dry eyes in the room!

We named her Braille, but we call her Braillie (Bray-lee) as a term of endearment. She didn’t purr for almost a week after coming to the shelter. Since coming to us, though, she has learned to play with crinkle balls and run with the other kittens…and purr.

Braille will be given the best veterinary care in Tucson and will be available for adoption soon to make someone’s life a whole lot happier!

You can buy bracelets here to raise funds for Hermitage Cat Shelter during the month of April.

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