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Greyhound Anabel Turns 3 in June 2010/05/26

Posted by anabelgreyhound in Anabel's Boudoir.
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Welcome to my boudoir

June 4 is my birthday and I will be 3. My name is Anabel. Just think, this time last year I was chasing that stupid thing around the track with my buddies. I guess the track people thought I was one dumb hound, but I knew that thing I was chasing was not real. Frankly, I prefer chicken to rabbit, so why exert myself and possibly break a leg or hock  I think not.
I raced 12 times and never won a race. I was one of the lucky rejects. Not only did I probably receive less steroids, but AGR rescued me from the racing industry and placed me at their leased kennel. Competition at the kennel is fierce to snag someone’s attention that we hope will be that special person to take us home. But I’m cute, young and very appealing, so I knew it wouldn’t take long before I spotted a likely candidate.
Sure enough, one Sunday, a volunteer arrived at the kennel to do turnout: take us out for exercise, clean our condos, and feed us. As she walked past each condo and greeted us individually, I did a little whining, scratched at the cage door, and flashed a winning greyhound smile. The volunteer paused at my condo and I made sure to rub my body against the bars showing that I needed physical contact, and whined a little more. She was hooked. Three days later, she returned and I was escorted out of the kennel and introduced to home living and Beamer, my new greyhound roommate.
Beamer is used to being the only greyhound in the home, so I had to schmooze this boy and kiss his ring occasionally so that I would be accepted. Beamer did his Prima Donno stuff for a few days: ignored me, barked at me when I sat on the doggie bed he wanted, pouted and ran whining to Mom when I wouldn’t give it up, but I wasn’t backing away from this gig. It’s so cosy around here.
So Beamer and I are getting to know each other and I think he realizes that I’m a great pooch, but not a pushover, that is always open to negotiation when problems crop up.
Mom is working on my birthday gifts: a stainless steel tag that will contain my personal information in case I should ever get lost, and a new collar with my name on it. So I’m a happy girl.  I wonder if Beamer will get me Frosty Paws as a birthday gift?

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