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Greyhound Lovers Unite: Guam Greyhound and Guam Rescue 2010/09/01

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Greyhound from Guam



Hi All:

I hope you don’t mind the group email.  I’m just elated.  Cartier and all his beauty worked another miracle.  As you can see below we won the Grand Prize of the World’s Best Pet Parent Contest.  Thank you all for your continued support during these months of voting voting and more voting.  It warms my heart that Cartier and all his glory is still helping his fellow greyhounds in spirit.

My warmest regards,

Dana and My Angel Boy Cartier – Mommy still misses you sweet thing

Greyhound adopter Dana Provost adopted a Guam greyhound named Cartier (see photo). In a very short time after coming to the U.S., he became a pet therapy dog and took Las Vegas by storm.

Sadly, Cartier after surviving the cruelties of racing in Guam, succumbed to fatal kidney disease. We’re thankful he was fortunate to come to the U.S. and live his life as a beloved pet before he died.

Dana Provost entered the PETFINDER.COM WORLD’S BEST PARENT CONTEST and has designated the prize money to go to Guam Animals in Need (GAIN). Although a U.S. territory, Guam is like a third-world country when it comes to the way it treats its animals. If it wasn’t for the wonderful volunteers at GAIN and the Greyhound Protection League and numerous U.S. adoption groups and friends, hounds like Cartier would be left for dead.

Please help Dana help GAIN by voting in the Petfinder contest.

The prize money is:
Grand Prize: $10,000
Runner Up: $5,000
Honorable Mention (10 winners): $1,000

So vote! And vote often! (photo of Dana & Cartier) – You can register at top right of page

Since this contest is worldwide, please feel free to cross post and link to this blog post to maximize voting potential.  Wouldn’t it be grand for the global greyhound community to come together to honor the efforts of GAIN and greyhounds everywhere?  (Dana is the only greyhound finalist.)

Voting began on Friday August 27, 2010 and runs through 11:59 PM ET October 6, 2010.  It is FREE to vote and a wonderful way to support a fellow greyhound adopter and GAIN.

You will be required to register at Petfinder.com but you have the option NOT to receive any emails from Petfinder.com by unchecking the boxes after your password entry.

Each user will only be permitted to ONE VOTE PER DAY.  Voting requires filling out the secure Captcha code to prevent fraud.

Let’s remember Cartier and help GAIN put some money in its coffers to help the island’s dogs.

Story about Guam Greyhounds rescue

Here is where to  vote.

Thank you

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