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Tucson greyhound: Drama Queen to the Rainbow Bridge 2010/08/08

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Lily at 9 - Carmen-Miran-DOG

The Divine Miss Lily went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, August 6. She was 12 years 9 months.

She left planet earth lying on her dog bed with me curled up next to her at Sunrise Pet Clinic. Before they administered a shot to calm her down, she ate numerous cookies. We had time to say our goodbyes and she had a sly smile on her face probably thinking about all the cookies that lay ahead during her next adventure.

Lily will be met at the Rainbow Bridge by my beloved Painter and all the pet dogs that we remember who were our friends — Buddy, Bosco, Jazzmo, Frieda, Jan, Mikey, Lace and Whiskey, Poseidon, Missy, Chessy, Ferrari, Domino, Libby, Tula, Wolf, Daphne, Slim, Charlie, Bessie, Baxter, Zoola, Winna & Holly, Bitsy, Bob Dog and Micha, Cartier, Cairo, Sienna, Senorita, Dakota, Calypso, Jessie, Zowie, Bandit, Sega, Raisin, Quincy, Zeus, Rocket & Moose, Kelsey, Skip, Aimee, Toby, Dog and DogII, Sandy & Dexter, Sam and Chipper…and Chester the cat.

I used to say that Painter was 99.9 percent good boy and Lily was 75 percent good girl but it was the other 25 percent that was memorable. Lily had a penchant for shoes and since I’m a slob, she had her share of chewing shoes and purses. She also had more accessories than I have and really liked bling. On the rare occasions that I did pick up my shoes, she would overturn wastebaskets and tear up paper, once an entire bag of income tax receipts. She had this mischievous behavior her whole life.

Lily also was a counter surfer. She once ate an entire rotisserie chicken, bones and all, as well as raw salmon burgers on a Styrofoam plate. Fortunately, she only took two bites out of the Styrofoam.  She knocked the butter dish on the floor and ate half a stick of butter and a big piece of Roquefort cheese; Painter ate the wrapper.

After Painter died, Lily became the only dog which was a position she favored. Though not dog friendly, she loved people and was always loving and curious towards them. Before Jodi & Tom moved, they would sometimes invite my hounds to spend the night. Jodi said each and every time Lily walked in the house, she went directly into the bedroom, and pooped on their pink rug.

Lily celebrated birthday parties and would be the life of the party knowing that it was her special day.

Although she had many nicknames, she was best known as Drama Queen, hence, this blog.  She didn’t like those two words. When I said, “Who’s the Drama Queen?” she would talk back and stomp her feet.

Lily (and Painter) brought much joy into my life and into the lives of many people. When she was still able to jump on the bed, I’d wake up some mornings and her little head was on my pillow and her stinky breath in my face. Lily ate poop. Among her ailments, she was going blind. While she couldn’t see very well, there was nothing wrong with her hearing as she barked and barked when she heard something disturbing. Her racing name was “Impatient Roar.” It was a good fit. Mercifully, she only raced six times.

Painter was earnest and eager to please–Lily was not so much. We mostly did life on her terms. She was the boss, applesauce. Lily loved to play “find the cookie”. If I forgot to play this game after dinner, she reminded me. She drove me crazy until we played. When I said, “Do you want to play FIND THE COOKIE?” joy radiated across her sweet face.

Dogs hold a special place card in my heart especially greyhounds. They are survivors like none other. The lucky ones have the ability to survive their gruesome racing lives and move forward to find the softest spot in the room. I was blessed to be owned by Lily since she was 2 years 3 months old, nothing short of a miracle.

If you would like to honor Lily, please consider making a donation to your favorite greyhound rescue group or animal shelter. The day I adopted my first greyhound in 1998, I learned about the horrors of greyhound racing. I have never stopped hating its existence. In 2005-2006, more than 150+ greyhounds disappeared from the dog track here in Tucson  never to be found; and in 2008, there were 104 injuries involving 97 dogs, which includes 11 dogs euthanized at the track. These figures are according to the injury reports obtained through a public records request from Arizona Department of Racing.

Across the country, dog tracks are falling like dominoes. Let’s keep up that mission and vision.

Please remember your good times spent with Lily. Cherish each and every day spent with your dogs, cats, and horses.

Lily Greyhound Zoldan
(October 20, 1997 – August 6, 2010)
Adopted from (formerly) GPA/LA & OC now Fast Friends

Thank you for reading.  You can read more about Lily’s zany antics here.

Lily at 12 1/2 - Happy Bling Girl

Karyn Zoldan

‘Take sides.  Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.’
~ Elie Wiesel

(photos: Diana Hansen & Loren Dawn)

Greyhound Humor: Incorrigible 2009/12/20

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Lily Greyhound

Drama Queen chills out

I am in-cor-ri-gi-ble. Mama Karyn always say that to me.

Here’s the story.

You know I turned 12 on October 20 and I did not have a birthday party like I usually do.  Mama Karyn said she was busy with a big fundraising event and then there was the remodel and so my day came and went relatively unnoticed. I did get a beautiful collar from Greyt Escape and a peanut butter Kong but no real frivolity.

Mama Karyn said my party is coming.  I’m still waiting for my tiara and to fawned over by friends.

I am in-cor-ri-gi-ble because I still chew stuff. Yep, that’s my hobby. Some hounds like to dig holes or do agility but I excel at chewing stuff.

What have I chewed or destroyed lately?

  • Poop bags but there was no poop in them
  • Slippers
  • Socks
  • Lots of paper – Karyn has so much paper in her office that she’s not going to miss anything that I’ve chewed or so she is hoping. One day I swept everything off her desk including her clock. Why? Because I could.
  • I take stuff out of wastebaskets and spread it around the house sort of like confetti on New Year’s Day.
  • One day she left the pantry open and I ate these funky dog biscuits; they were stale. I ate them anyway.
  • Sandee’s pantie liner – Karyn said that was too kinky and don’t talk about that in public.

She just bought these cool turquoise boots and I know she is going to be out-to-lunch in a hurry one day and then I’ll have my way with them.

Mama Karyn is so dumb sometimes. She comes home and obviously the place is a mess because I was busy messing it up and she says, “Did you do this?”  Duh.  Who does she think did it – the boogie man? I usually look her in the eye and wag my tail and walk away.

Other than being in-cor-ri-gi-ble, life is great here.

Love you, mean it

Ta Ta for now

Lily aka Drama Queen

Greyhound Humor: Tucson Drama Queen 2009/09/13

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Lily, the reluctant goofy greyhound

Lily, the reluctant goofy greyhound


Fans, it’s been awhile. Mama Karyn doesn’t let me near the computer. Now she’s on FaceBook and wastes more time than usual. Is that possible?

Last week I counter surfed and scored a delicious treat – span-a-ko-pita, but more about that later.

It’s been a long hot summer. Did I say hot, hot, hot? I had to wear my Storm Defender cape a lot because it lightened and thundered but that did not always bring rain.

Mama Karyn is nuts. I always thought so but now it’s confirmed.

One night when it was raining really hard, mama Karyn went outside on the patio wearing only a t-shirt and panties and danced around…by herself.

She wanted me to come too but no way. She was laughing and yelling, “RAIN BABY RAIN.” What will the neighbors think? She came back in the house soaking wet, wrapped herself in a towel, and drank a beer. I just looked on in disgust. Is that any way for an aging baby boomer to act? Where’s the AARP police when you need them?

But back to moi – Once a month, I go to see Dr. Janet at Sunrise Pet Clinic  for my acupuncture and cold laser therapy treatment. I am happy to report that my beautiful back legs have not splayed for two months.

In July, mama Karyn went on a vacation…without me. Marilyn my dog sitter stays with me when mama Karyn leaves. Marilyn is truly my love slave. She massages me twice a day and continually grooms me and adores me unlike Karyn who mostly just ignores me. We sit outside a lot because Marilyn smokes like a chimney.

One day Marilyn came over and I panicked. I thought mama Karyn was leaving but I didn’t see her packing. I thought she was trying to trick me but Marilyn just visited. Phew!

Lots of stuff has been happening to the house. Karyn’s messy office is now in another room – it’s still messy. She told me I might not like the changes but we’ll have to wait and see. Lots of strangers have been here to fix or alter this or that.

Now back to counter surfing which is a hobby of mine. Last week, one of Karyn’s many friends – Ditte Lokon — came over and brought homemade span-a-ko-pita. Can you believe they sat there in front of me and ate them? Even though I SAT there politely and watched, nobody offered me a taste? How rude!

Then they rushed out. When Karyn rushes, she forgets stuff. She left a span-a-ko-pita in a Ziploc bag on the counter. I couldn’t open the bag so I chewed through it. Yum………..it was layers of buttery goodness.

The next day Karyn wanted to eat it for breakfast and she looked all over the refrigerator. She found remnants of the plastic bag on my dog bed and just shook her head. She’s not the only gourmand in the family.

Ta Ta for now

Love you, mean it

Lily, the Drama Queen

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