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Beaded Bracelets Fundraiser Benefit Handi-Dogs Tucson 2014/10/15

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Kyra – diabetic alert dog to the rescue

How a trained service dog helps her human when his blood sugar is getting low.

the following was written by Handi-Dogs


Kyra is a beautiful black Labrador that Brandon and his family adopted from Tucson Cold Wet Noses. Brandon has Type 1 Diabetes and decided that a dog trained to alert him to low blood glucose levels could be that perfect complement to the other tools he uses to monitor his condition. They trained at Handi-Dogs and today are a certified service dog team.

At Brandon and Kyra’s service dog graduation, Brandon shared a story. He was driving one day, feeling just fine. Kyra started working hard to get his attention. At first he wasn’t sure what was happening – then he realized Kyra was trying to alert him – she just couldn’t do it the way she was trained as they were in the car. Brandon pulled over, checked his blood sugar, and discovered it was very low. Because of Kyra, he was able to take appropriate measures before something tragic might have happened.

Brandon writes, “Handi-Dogs has helped me gain a companion that I have today. It also has helped me view animals in a different way like their behavior and ways they think.

Kyra is very intelligent and calm. She has been with me through half of my high school life and is now embarking on my journey through college. I love her with all my heart.

She has become my greatest companion always making sure I am okay, protecting me, alerting me, and always being there when I need her.”


Forging on during the month of October, Beading Divas to the Rescue is proud to be fundraising for Handi-Dogs.

Beading Divas bracelets are one-of-kind, hand-crafted with donated beads. One size fits most and all bracelets come with a paw charm. Bracelets cost $20 and the charity receives the entire amount.

benefits Handi-Dogs

Buy me!

The following local venues sell bracelets: (pay cash or write a check to Handi-Dogs)
–-Silver Sea Jewelry & Gifts, 330 N. 4th Avenue, 624-9954
–-Clues Unlimited Mystery Book Store, 3146 E. Fort. Lowell Road (SE corner Country Club), 326-8533 (closed Sun/Mon)
–-A K Jensen Apparel, (St. Philips Plaza), 4340 N. Campbell Ave., Suite 72, 529-2775
–-Sissy’s Pet Salon, 7350 N La Cholla Blvd (by Albertsons), 229-9898 (limited selection)

For the best selection, bracelets can be purchased online (add $5.50 S&H).

Bracelets will also be available at Dogtoberfest, a Handi-Dog fundraiser on October 26. Click here for the details.

Some Handi-Dogs program statistics for the last year:

· 37 person/dog teams participated in the service dog training program

· 8 teams were certified (it takes 12 – 18 months to complete training)

· 18 teams were re-certified

· Currently there are 61 Handi-Dogs certified service dog teams active

· Additionally, Handi-Dogs helped 62 older adults train their companion dogs, and 44 people train their therapy dogs in the last year.

· Handi-Dogs completed 32 presentations to educate community members about the different roles, laws and certification requirements relating to service, emotional-support, and therapy dogs. Plus had 19 informational tables/booths at community events.

To forgo a bracelet but make a donation directly to Handi-Dogs, click here.



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