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More about No Kill Pima County, May Bracelet Fundraiser 2014/05/13

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Why No Kill Pima County?

Why No Kill Pima County?

No Kill Pima County is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that began in 2012 as a grassroots community group of committed individuals.

Their mission is dedicated to saving homeless pets and feral cats in Pima County through the rigorous implementation of the national No Kill equation, a national model that has been implemented by more than 200 communities across the nation.

With thousands of helpless animals needlessly destroyed at Pima County’s animal shelter each year, they aim to inspire change in the community through education, awareness and resources regarding non-lethal options so that these animals can have a new start to a better life.

Over the past two years, No Kill Pima County has held bimonthly public meetings to inform and educate and has most recently worked with the shelter to set up a “Help Desk” for people coming to the shelter with animals to be the first line of assistance and to help counsel and offer alternate solutions as many of those animals will never again know the comfort of a home and the love of a family once they are left there.

I'm worth saving

I’m worth saving

Foster homes save lives. One of their most ingenious ideas was to set up and implement a foster care directory called SaFER Lifeline where people can sign up and peruse various foster opportunities and rescues can post their foster care needs and requirements. Better than Match.com!

The important work of No Kill Pima County has also resulted in a collaborative effort to trap, neuter and return feral cats as well as implement a spay and neuter certificate program.

No Kill Pima County established an Facebook presence with a following of 3,500+.

Drink wine for No Kill - May 25

Drink wine for No Kill – May 25

Do you drink wine? No Kill Pima County and Cata Vinos Wine Shoppe is hosting a wine tasting fundraiser on Sunday May 25 from 4 to 6 pm at 3023 N. Alvernon Way. Sample six wines and nibbles, take a chance on fun raffle prizes for people and pets. Buy Beading Divas bracelets! Have fun with other animal lovers. The cost is $20 for wine drinkers ($10/tax deductible) or $10 for non-drinkers. See you there!


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