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Tucson greyhound Jett goes to City Council meeting 2012/09/14

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Tucson greyhound Jett goes to City Council meeting

written by Jett Greyhound

The other day I went to this big tall building downtown. I met lots of people. When I stick my needle nose face into their face, they are a bit surprised, laugh, and pet me.

KOLD Channel 13 reporter Bud Foster and I became the best of friends. We were nose to nose. He couldn’t keep his hands off me.

Anyway my human is all over the place with this dog racing steroids thing and sometimes she takes me along.

The City Council was interesting and there was another greyhound — Dilly. She is a masculine female. She was strong and had a beautiful Roman nose. I have a demi-Roman nose. While Dilly was very alert, I relaxed and laid down on the carpet and just listened to the people talking.

Then I was on TV and in the newspaper. We walked our neighborhood and some lady comes running out of her house and said, “Hey, is that the dog in the newspaper today?”

Yep, that would be me.

Do you want my pawtograph?

Love ya. Remember, what you see is what you Jett.

P.S. Yesterday was Girlfriend’s 1st Gotcha Day. Girlfriend is the other greyhound who lives here. She is not my “girlfriend.” Donut is my real girlfriend. Karyn forgot to celebrate. But on another note, GF’s corns are all gone. Now Karyn said we must have a double celebration. Girlfriend is no longer a Corn Dog.


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