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Tucson HOPE Animal Shelter – November Fundraiser 2011/11/26

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Adopted from Hope Animal Shelter

HOPE gave Mikey hope

Mikey is a very sweet dog who went through some challenging times; now, thanks to the supporters of HOPE, life has gotten much better for Mikey.

He was rescued by HOPE from PACC, and was then taken the vet to have a lump removed. The vet discovered that at some point someone had tried to sew a wound shut themselves without taking this sweet boy to a doctor. The area had to be cleaned out, leaving a much larger scar but a happier and healthier dog.

After receiving much needed appropriate vet care and some extra TLC at the shelter, Mikey was able to find his perfect forever home. All animals have a chance at HOPE, regardless of their medical needs.

Supporting HOPE ensures that they will all receive whatever care they need.

Only a few more November shopping days left to help HOPE. Bracelets make awesome gifts for animal lovers because not only are they beautiful but they help rescue groups in need. Buy online (add $4 S&H) or locally at:

Silver Sea Jewelry, 330 N. 4th Avenue, in the 4th Avenue Shopping District

Sissy’s Pet Grooming Salon, 7350 N. La Cholla in the Albertsons Shopping Center at Ina Road


1. Kate K - 2011/11/26

So glad Mikey found a forever home thanks to HOPE.

These handmade bracelets make wonderful gifts for a great cause. Shop at local Tucson businesses Silver Sea Jewelry or Sissy’s Pet Grooming to see the bracelets in person or you can buy online.

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