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Tucson Bead Drive Contest Drop-off: CataVinos Wine Shoppe 2010/12/13

Posted by greyhoundsrule in Beading Divas to the Rescue.
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sparklies for the holidays

Here’s yet another place to drop off your beads for the Bead Drive Contest which ends December 31, 2010.

Yvonne Foucher has been extremely gracious in mentioning the Bead Drive in her weekly enewsletter and so far CataVinos has brought in the most beads. It’s so exciting to go pick up the beads and pick up some wine.

One of the special things about CataVinos is every bottle of wine costs less than $15. Another cool thing is that Yvonne or her other knowledgeable staff knows wine. They’re not going to give you a blank stare if you ask what goes with poblano chile releno casserole.

At CataVinos, you can also enjoy wine tasting for $10 or if you buy a bottle of wine, the wine tasting cost drops to $8. I have been going to CataVinos since it opened and for me — it’s the Cheers of wine bars. I had my birthday party there a few years ago and it was an absolute blast; Yvonne made sure it was perfect.

CataVinos is located at 3063 N. Alvernon Way, one block south of Ft. Lowell, 520-323-3063. Check out the wine tasting schedule.

With the new configuration, you can have a private party wine tasting and bring your own food or host a fund-raising event. Please consider supporting a local Tucson business.


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