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Tucson Greyhound – Jett’s Stream – Life is Greyt Now 2010/09/30

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Jett lounging at Greyt Escape

Hey world and Tucson – posted by Jett Greyhound

Life is greyt here.

Unlike the previous greyhound who lived here, the Drama Queen, I don’t chew stuff. Instead I just move things around especially things that smell like my person Karyn.  She calls me The Decorator.

So much has happened since I blogged last time. I am supposedly exuberant…whatever that means.

One day Karyn took me to this cool place where I met a lot of greyhounds. Then another day she took me again but left without me. At first I didn’t like that but I liked the dogs and Michelle and felt right at home at Greyt Escape. I even got to counter surf some cheese and bark at the javelina from afar. Man, they are ugly. When Karyn came back for me, I did the happy dance.

Another day Karyn came to give me a big hug and put her arms around me and started crying. I thought maybe she hurt that hole in her heart. She rocked me gently and said, “Baby boy, I am so very sorry that you raced 150 times.  Let the good times roll. I’m going to spoil you rotten.”  I can hardly wait!

I’ve been meeting lots of people. There’s an endless parade of people who come to visit us.

Now I am doing clicker training. She clicks this thing and I come and then I get a treat. What’s not to like?

Here’s a little secret. I am the perfect height to put my head on the dining room table. People who don’t have dogs won’t like this story.  Anyway one day Karyn was starting to eat a Chipotle bowl but got up to get a drink. When she turned around I had stuck my entire face in the bowl. She yelled, “LEAVE IT!”  I backed away from the table but there were incriminating lettuce strands sticking out of my mouth. I was this close to getting some of that chicken.

Fortunately, my lovely person Karyn laughed.  Ha ha ha. She has the best sense of humor.

By for now.

What you see is what your JETT.


1. Caryn - 2010/10/03

Hi handsome boy,

Greyt job on your first try for Chipotle chicken. We have a feeling you’ll master it quickly.

We are so glad you are enjoying your wonderful new life.

Caryn, Dave
and hounds

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