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Tucson Greyhound: Jett’s Stream – Hello World 2010/08/22

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Jett Greyhound: Hello World!

Hello Tucson and the World

I am Jett Greyhound. I am a retired racing greyhound. I use to race around the dog track here in Tucson.

My person has a lot to say about that and none of it is good. She uses cuss words that I am not allowed to repeat. I am a good boy and a gentleman so I won’t repeat them.

Anyway, she refuses to talk about my racing name, how many races I ran which she says the industry data is not up to date so it’s a moot point, whatever that is.

My person Karyn says the only thing that matters is — I am here now in a home with three soft dog beds.


I heard through the greyt vine that I have big paws to fill as Karyn recently lost her almost 13 year old greyhound Lily, aka Drama Queen.  My person said she had a big hole in her heart and I was here to fill it.

A hole in the heart sounds painful.

I can fill the hole and make Karyn feel better.

We’re going to have a great life together. You’ll just have to wait and see…

Today I went to the Save More Animals adopt-a-thon at a nice hotel in a carpeted ballroom. I got microchipped. Karyn almost fainted when she saw the vet insert a long needle into me. As for me, Jett Greyhound, I didn’t feel a thing. My god-mama Cynthia made me feel so brave.

That was my debut out and I met a lot of people, kids, and lots of dogs, like more greyhounds and found out I was really popular with the Golden Retrievers. I stuck my needle nose into their inner circle.

That’s me in the photo. Aren’t I a handsome boy?


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1. Caryn & Dave - 2010/08/22

Welcome, Jett. You ARE so handsome. You and Mama Karyn are going to fill each other’s hearts and have a great, big, fun time doing it. Get ready for lots of laughs, Jett. xoxo

2. Kate K - 2010/08/23

Jett, my Coco was looking at your picture online. I think she has a crush on you!

3. Jen Krebs - 2010/08/23

Welcome to how life should be for every greyhound, you handsome boy! You lucked out when you and Mama Karyn rescued each other.

4. Carol Mitchell - 2010/08/23

Hey, Jett, Franklin wants to “friend” you right here on this blog — none of that Facebook stuff for greys, he says. So consider it done. And welcome to your wonderful new home. You have a very well trained human!

Franklin & Carol

5. Elizabeth Bobick - 2010/08/23

Hi Jett, Welcome….my name is Candy and Lily and I were blogmates. I never got to meet her in person but I admired her inventiveness and joie de vivre. You are a real hottie and although I live all the way up here in Mesa…..for you I may be convinced to travel. Get set for a wonderful life. My mom and I are great friends and have lots of fun together. She does get kind of kissy and huggy sometimes. And when she sees anything sad about animals (especially greys) she gets all misty eyed and has to hug me and whisper in my ear. I put up with that because everything else is great. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. XXOO Candy

6. Christine Dorchak - 2010/08/23


You are my kind of guy! Christine

7. Michelle - 2010/08/23

Welcome home Jett! You are one lucky boy and I just can’t wait to meet you! Oh wait, I get to meet you tomorrow! Opa & Riley are just gonna love you and they are so great at greeting our guests, I’m sure your gonna love it here while you visit.

8. jsek - 2010/08/24


Donut wants to marry you. She said to tell you that she can’t have children and she hopes that is ok with you.


9. Mary Jo - 2010/08/24

Jett, welcome to Mama Karyn’s troupe of humans and canines. You’ll be meeting lots of them (some are DIVAS), seeing photos and lots of updates. I hope you like kibble better than shoes and purses. There could be a problem if you eat those leather things. Don’t worry, Mama K will provide for you well and you don’t need them!

I look forward to a more personal intro when I next visit Tucson. You are a handsome boy!

10. Dana Provost and the GREYFABFOUR - 2010/08/24

Well the GREYFABFOUR say hi Jett – gotta come and visit us when we come to Tucson for a greyhound gathering on November 13th won’t you? My mom is the designer of Wild Things for Greys designer apparel and I know your mom knows her. We were the GREYFABFIVE, we lost our brother Guammie Bear Cartier only 3 months ago and our mom is still has a big hole in her heart too. We are trying our best to make her better, but she says it all takes time to heal. We are grieving too. We know you will love the life you have now – we do . . . until we all meet in person.

11. greyhoundsrule - 2010/08/25

Jett Greyhound here. I tried to get my own email on WordPress but it’s complicated.

Hey Candy, you’re a cutie. Let’s get together. I have a backyard. Come play with me.

Hey Donut, you’re a cutie. I heard you climb stairs into the loft. How brave. I’m not into being committed yet except to My Person but we can fool around (typical male).

Hey Dana. Sorry to hear about your Guammie Cartier. Me and My Person look forward to meeting you at the GFF. You can meet Noni too. We’ll have fun.

Hey Mary Jo, My Person and I are looking forward to your visit.

Hey Coco, I heard wild stories about you. Maybe we can romp or not?

Hey Franklin, at last another male buddy. I can lift my leg higher than you. My Person said you and Your Person are going for walks together when it cools off.

Hugs from Jett Greyhound – What you see is what you JeTT

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