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Thank You to Buckaroo Bones 2009/04/06

Posted by greyhoundsrule in Devastating Accident.

Buckaroo Bones Donation

Originally uploaded by Greyt Escape

Thank you Buckaroo Bones for donating funds from homemade baked goods to greyhounds Opal and Rider’s vet bills. The Etsy.com community has really gone above and beyond.

In Merlin, Oregon, they I run a small rescue called Empathy Program Lab Rescue by re-homing animals through petfinder.com web pages and through local contacts. They started the bakery to help support rescue efforts as it was draining our meager resources.

Currently, they are working with a blind Lab that was abandoned on a remote road.

They work with people to find homes for their animals as long as they can keep the animal until a new home is found. This has been highly successful by bringing families together and helping them through the adoption process to insure a safe and successful re-homing.

They also work with people to see if the pet can remain in the home. Often it is a simple matter of problem solving as folks love their pet but perhaps the pet is exhibiting behaviors they can no longer live with.


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