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Please donate 2008/11/12

Posted by greyhoundsrule in Greyhounds Rule/News.

Please donate today to help. Thank you.


1. Alice - 2008/11/14

This is a heartbreaking example of why we should always transport our precious furry friends in a carrier or kennel.

2. Lizzie - 2008/11/15

I am looking for info about the safest way to transport the greyhounds. I did have the special clips and the padding. I was feeling just awful about it, but in this case, they would have been crushed to death had they been in kennels, the back of my vehicle doesn’t even resemble a truck. The vehicle is smushed beyond belief, I’m amazed that even so they weren’t crushed. Kenneled is best, in this case they would have been dead…I am trying to get some advice about how to transport them. It seems terrible to punish them by never taking them anywhere again, they love going to friends houses and the dog park.
What do people think the safest vehicle is? (mine is totaled, obviously) and I am borrowing a car, but at some point I hope to be a vehicle owner again 🙂 Kennels vs. Belts? Taking out the seats vs. riding them on seats harnessed in….Mini van? ExTerra? I am so open to advice. I see many people ride thiers in the back- what about a rear impact of this magnitude in a SUV type thing? what would happen? Right now- unless we go to the vet- they aren’t going anywhere, really.
But yeah, I feel really awful.

3. The Greytheist - 2008/11/22

I’m taking up a collection through Greyhounds of Fairhaven to help with the vet bills. As far as the best way to transport the pups, I don’t think there is a best way. As you said, your pups wouldn’t have survived if they were in kennels. I’ve heard of instances where dogs were killed *because* they were in kennels, and instances where being confined *might* have saved them. There’s no way to know what’s going to happen or what’s the best way to transport dogs on any given trip. You can’t prepare for the unknown. Do what works best for you and don’t try to second guess yourself or your decisions. We travel thousands of miles a year with our dogs loose in the back of our Astro van. It’s what works for us.

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